Witnessing Glory

During a return to Orgrimmar, Leugim observed as ten male orcs, doned in heavy golden plated armor and atop worgs that were bigger and more fierce-looking than usual, entered the city gates at the Valley of Strength, and observed as some citizens roared cheerfully at them upon hearing them announcing a victory over Alliance forces at a certain place of Kalimdor that Leugim couldn't hear properly due to the huge amount of noise. After asking Kronira, an elderly woman who was near him, about who those orcs were, and nearly being punched in his rotten face by the seeming "stupidity" of his question, Leugim thus learned that those were members of the Kor'kron. He recognized the name from the Undercity, often hearing ill things of them, which the warrior purposefully omitted when sharing his "tale" to the angry elder, but never got any relevant information on them. The elder explained to Leugim what were the Kor'kron out of annoyance for his "ignorance" and demanded that he stepped away from her, as his stench were "compelling her to vomit rivers".

Leugim observed the victorious Kor'kron marching around the street until they retreated into buildings to treat their wounds, Leugim pondered about what he learned about them and the heavy orcish prejudice towards his kind, which annoyed him greatly, but his visions of loyalty towards the Horde remained the same, as he believed there were more orcs like Arnosh out there.

Fateful Meeting

As he roamed the streets of Orgrimmar during the evening, Leugim accidentally overheard a talk between two of the Kor'kron he saw at an earlier moment in that same day, one of them seemed deeply disturbed and perhaps even abated, something uncharacteristic for an orc who returned from seeming glorious battle, Leugim's curiosity had him discreetly hide behind a thick barrel to overhear the talk.

The corpse heard as the orc grudgingly confessed that something was plaguing his spirit for some time, the other orc who was with him asked about what exactly was troubling him, he mentioned his yellow-skinned comrade's name: Daw'gar Elfbane.



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