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|{{LamaarFrancis}} <small>[[Lamaar Francis]]</small><br />{{DwarfF}} <small>[[Hildarga Slagfist]]</small><br />{{GnomeM}} <small>[[Zwerg Thirdcog]]</small><br />{{WorgenM}} <small>[[Thompson Slicepelt]]</small><br />{{PandarenF}} <small>[[Ao-Lianhua]]</small><br />{{BrawgumFlaykeg}} <small>[[Brawgum Flaykeg]]</small><br />{{DraeneiF}} <small>[[Noobara]]</small>
|{{LamaarFrancis}} <small>[[Lamaar Francis]]</small><br />{{DwarfF}} <small>[[Hildarga Slagfist]]</small><br />{{GnomeM}} <small>[[Zwerg Thirdcog]]</small><br />{{WorgenM}} <small>[[Thompson Slicepelt]]</small><br />{{PandarenF}} <small>[[Ao-Lianhua]]</small><br />{{BrawgumFlaykeg}} <small>[[Brawgum Flaykeg]]</small><br />{{DraeneiF}} <small>[[Noobara]]</small>
|'''Main races'''
|{{HumanM}}{{HumanF}} <small>[ Human]</small><br />{{DwarfM}}{{DwarfF}} <small>[ Dwarf]</small><br />{{GnomeM}}{{GnomeF}} <small>[ Gnome]</small><br />{{WorgenM}}{{WorgenF}} <small>[ Worgen]</small><br />{{PandarenM}}{{PandarenF}} <small>[ Pandaren]</small>
|{{HumanM}}{{HumanF}} <small>[ Human]</small><br />{{DwarfM}}{{DwarfF}} <small>[ Dwarf]</small><br />{{GnomeM}}{{GnomeF}} <small>[ Gnome]</small><br />{{WorgenM}}{{WorgenF}} <small>[ Worgen]</small><br />{{PandarenM}}{{PandarenF}} <small>[ Pandaren]</small><br>{{DarkIronM}}{{DarkIronF}} <small>[ Dark Iron dwarf]</small><br />{{DraeneiM}}{{DraeneiF}} <small>[ Draenei]</small>
|'''Other races'''
|{{DarkIronM}}{{DarkIronF}} <small>[ Dark Iron dwarf]</small><br />{{DraeneiM}}{{DraeneiF}} <small>[ Draenei]</small>
|'''Character classes'''
|'''Character classes'''

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Aliança Azureblade Marauders
Azureblade Marauders
Main leader Rodrigues Miguel Rodrigues
Secondary leaders
Lamaar Lamaar Francis
DwarfF Hildarga Slagfist
GnomeM Zwerg Thirdcog
WorgenM Thompson Slicepelt
PandarenF Ao-Lianhua
BrawgumFlaykegIcon Brawgum Flaykeg
DraeneiF Noobara
HumanMHumanF Human
DwarfMDwarfF Dwarf
GnomeMGnomeF Gnome
WorgenMWorgenF Worgen
PandarenMPandarenF Pandaren
DarkIronMDarkIronF Dark Iron dwarf
DraeneiMDraeneiF Draenei
Character classes Warrior, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Warlock, Death Knight, Monk, Battlemage
Base of operations None
Theather of operations Various
Main language Common
Secondary languages Draenei, Dwarven, Gnomish, Pandaren, Orcish
Affiliation(s) Independent, but Alliance-aligned
Status Active

The Azureblade Marauders are a growing group of Alliance-aligned adventurers rallied by Warmarshal Miguel Rodrigues after his exile from Redridge Mountains and expulsion from the Lakeshire Guard.


Membership within the Marauders is organized due to racial matters. Thus, members of every race compose some sort of squad of their own brethren, with racial leaders as their chief squad members or representatives. Warmarshal Rodrigues is the supreme leader of every racial squad.

Major Members

Major member races include:

  • HumanMHumanF Human - Humans are the predominant and founding race members of the Azureblade Marauders, initially composed mostly of Lakeshire Guard deserters under the leadership of Lamaar Francis, humanity within the group has grown progressively. The humans of the Azureblade Marauders come from different socioeconomic backgrounds and they are all lenient towards Miguel's eventual ruthlessness and harsh methods and won't hesitate to serve their Warmarshal.
  • DwarfMDwarfF Dwarf - Many dwarves who lost relatives and dear ones to the Horde and other enemies of the Alliance had their desire for vengeance explored by the Azureblade Warmarshal during the group's many travels around Azeroth, eventually persuading a considerable number of dwarves to join the Azureblade ranks. During the first months of dwarven introduction into the Azureblade, they were placed into the human squad under Lamaar's leadership, but as the dwarves grew in numbers and amount of relevant deeds, Warmarshal Rodrigues sanctioned the independence of the dwarven members as a separate squad.
  • GnomeMGnomeF Gnome - Bringing gnomes into the violent forces of the Azureblade was no easy task as very few would agree with its members' overall brutality and unorthodox methods. However, Azureblade operations at Outland and Kalimdor managed to free a good number of gnomes from their Horde captors, and many chose to stay with the Marauders in retribution, though initially disturbed by what they had joined in, many of those gnomes eventually adapted to their new affiliations and those of them who left were promptly deceased in mysterious accidents. The gnomes started and stayed as a sub-racial faction under the dwarven squad's tutelage, however, their importance grew as they supplied the Warmarshal's forces with several of their inventions, the most famous being the "Crimson-marked Battle Suit V.9001", thus granting them their own racial squad.
  • WorgenMWorgenF Worgen - Perhaps the Azureblade's easiest acquisition, some vengeful worgen that Miguel's group aided in the battles against the Forsaken came to the Warmarshal and offered their services to the Marauders after the Alliance at Hillsbrad was exterminated as Miguel's methods fit their nature better. Unlike the dwarves and gnomes, the first worgen numbers were such and their eagerness to maintain their pact with the Alliance so strong that they were granted a separate racial squad from the beginning.
  • PandarenMPandarenF Pandaren - While the followers of the Tushui philosophy would never accept the methodology of the Azureblade Marauders, Miguel managed to rally substantial pandaren aid at their home continent, Pandaria itself. With the war raging at the continent, it was easy for Rodrigues and his group to recruit several of them through emotional manipulation and exploration of their indignation of the chaos brought by the Horde.

Secondary Members

The secondary forces, while as full members as the primary ones, possess a considerably smaller amount of members when compared to those above them. Their forces are as follows:

  • DarkIronMDarkIronF Dark Iron dwarf - A warband of Dark Iron dwarves formerly affiliated with the Twilight's Hammer approached the Warmarshal and negotiated their entry into the Azureblade in the wake of the cult's destruction. According to their leader, joining the Azureblade Marauders is the best way to ensure their redemption as the means and tricks the force uses are better suited to their styles. Because of their numbers, which are considerable but not enough to fit in the racial squad standards, the dark iron dwarves were under the tutelage of the main dwarf faction, but inner conflict caused by the clash between the two kinds of dwarves had Warmarshal Rodrigues deem the group a separate squad, which brought surprising results and improvement of Dark Iron activity within the human's forces.
  • DraeneiMDraeneiF Draenei - While peaceful and pragmatic, a draenei is capable of losing one's senses when in front or confronted against an orc. With this thought in mind, the human would use his rogues to conveniently orchestrate attacks by orcish adventurers against Draenei-filled places, the Azureblade would wait until the battle between the outlandish peoples was heated enough to flank and brutally overwhelm the orcs right in front of the angered draenei. With their anger and hatred towards the orcs boosted by bloodthirst-generating adrenaline, many of them pledged their allegiance to Miguel's cause in order to start a true crusade to exterminate every single orc on Azeroth and beyond alongside whoever dares defend them. The Azureblade draenei surprisingly brought many Light wielders within their ranks, though with a mindset as twisted as the ones from other classes as they were also exposed to such situations, causing them to be considerably fanatic.


Miguel had settled at the outskirts of Menethil Harbor, Wetlands, after his exile from Lakeshire due to the discovery of his maltreatments towards his wife and son. Instead of allowing himself to be further consumed by rage and indignation, Miguel viewed his exile as a new beginning for an even greater path, this opinion was reinforced when Lamaar Francis, a former colleague and the closest thing to a friend to Rodrigues, arrived with a denizen of deserters at the harbor. The two engaged in a talk, Miguel discovered that those men had been following him and abandoned the Lakeshire Guard in order to follow him wherever he went to, stating that his personal life shouldn't interfere with his professional one, and that Miguel and his methods, although questionable by many, were surely effective.

Thus, Rodrigues accepted that the group of men followed him around and, with a small warband of his own, he started roaming around Alliance lands in order to fight his negative reputation as an exile by aiding the many peoples of the faction the most effective way they could, no matter the cost.

During the years that succeeded, many like-minded adventurers and Alliance members of distinct origins would come for the ruthless warrior to join his forces, thus, the Azureblade Marauders were born under the leadership of "Warmarshal Rodrigues".

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