Horda Di-san
Title Houjin Monk
Gender Female
Race Pandaren
Character class Monk
Age 42 years old
Height 7'0"
Weight Unknown
Birthplace Zouchin Village
Affiliation(s) Horda Huojin
Former Affiliation(s) Neutro Independent
Status Alive
Relatives Di-yi (older brother)
Companion(s) Di-yi, Xing-qi
Student(s) Several, among them Leugim

Di-san is a pandaren monk and is a friend of Xing-qi's and the younger sister of Di-yi.


Alongside her brother and Xing-qi, Di-san trained a handful of strangers from beyond the mists in the ways of the monk back when she was still a master at the Peak of Serenity.

Their apprentices were mostly compromised of Forsaken, but with every Horde race accounted for alongside a handful of native pandaren. Aside from their usual training sessions at the Peak, the three masters took their apprentices in constant expeditions across Pandaria in order to aid in the fight against the threats in the land in the form of the mogu, saurok, the yaungol, and most notably the mantid during their massive attack on Stoneplow and the Zandalari at Zouchin Province.

Their methods were frowned upon by some other masters, however, the results they brought never allowed them to openly oppose the trio.

Trials of the Mind

See: Trials of the Mind

Di-san, Di-yi and Xing-qi tried to help Leugim fight his inner demons by casting an enchantment upon him that would summon forth each of his emotions separatedly, allowing him to master one at a time. However, the plan backfired as a hidden sha creature fed upon the summoned emotions and forcefully pulled Leugim and his masters into its own dimensional phase of the Cave of the Crane.

Di-san and the others used the best their Chi could provide to prevent the Sha from pouring out of that place they were brought into while Leugim dealt with the beast itself. Upon noticing Leugim was combating the Sha in the wrong way and was getting overwhelmed for it, Di-san briefly intervened and explained his mistakes to him, but promptly said that he would have to discover the proper means to defeat the Sha himself.

Eventually, the Sha was defeated and the quartet phased back to the Cave of the Crane, and noticed the crowd of curious monks that had assembled at the entrance. Later on, Di-san and her two colleagues were summoned by the other masters to speak about their methods, despite using their best arguments, the three masters were eventually forced to step down their roles, thus deciding to leave the Peak of Serenity if their ways weren't welcome.

After being forced to abandon her career as a monk trainer of the Peak due to her and her friends' methods being considered too risky, Di-san and her brother found a new path in their lives that matched their ways better: the Huojin philosophy. Still together, brother, sister and friend embarked in a new journey with the Huojin teachings guiding them, onward to meet their new allies in the Horde.

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