Horda Mizaia
Title N/A
Gender Female
Race Pandaren
Character class Mage
Age 22 years old
Height 7'0"
Weight Unknown
Birthplace Eastwind Rest
Affiliation(s) Horda Horde
Former Affiliation(s) Neutro Independent
Status Alive
Companion(s) Bojo

Mizaia is a young pandaren mage whom Bojo Kegpaw met during his travels at Pandaria after Leugim first departed the Peak of Serenity. She joined the Horde after adventurers aided rebuilding Eastwind Rest, her birthplace, and rescued many of its inhabitants.



Full body view.

Mizaia has accompanied Bojo to several places at Pandaria and out of it ever since they met at Binan Village where both, alongside other people from the Alliance and the Horde, aided in the village's defense from the yaungol hostilities during the Brewmoon Festival. Impressed by each other's abilities, the two decided to stick together and the mage has been helping Kegpaw in meeting his ancestral homeland while the monk shares many of his stories about the life at Shen-zin Su and the life outside of Pandaria with her.

They even left the continent on a few occasions, where she attuned herself with the arcane ley lines of the Horde's capital cities, granting her the abilities to open portals directed to them.


See: Burden

Mizaia and Bojo were at Ashenvale to research on the local flora and test the potential of the forest's herbs for medicine and brewing. At a point of their stay there, Mizaia stayed at Splintertree Post while Bojo went to look for some more herbs, Mizaia was curious as to why he returned earlier than expected with a damaged and motionless Leugim in his arms, and promptly opened a portal to Undercity, after recovering from the surprise brought by the horrid sight that was the damaged Forsaken she just met, when a despaired Bojo asked her to do so. Mizaia was responsible for restraining Bojo's angry advances against the val'kyr Gazorra due to her constant mocking of Leugim while he was being repaired at Deathknell.

Once Leugim was physically repaired, Mizaia opened a portal to the Shrine of Two Moons and accompanied Bojo up to the base of the Peak of Serenity, where the two parted ways for the time being, the mage going to Mistfall Village while Bojo climbed the Peak with Leugim in his arms.

Trials of the Mind

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Three days after the events at the Peak of Serenity, Bojo and Mizaia met again at Mistfall Village and decided to stay there for a week, aiding the Golden Lotus and the Shado-Pan in defending the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, but they ended up settling at the village once they noticed they had enough resources and money to build a simple homestead.

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