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Saulanar offered his blood elves to do the escorting but Leugim rapidly discarded the idea, if either Azureseeker's or Clash's forces left Grey Point, the Commander wasn't sure if his ghoulish guard would be able to stand a Kor'kron raid. Thus, Santangelo decided that the Grey Legion would deal with this, and gave the call of duty to the soldier Gronak and the initiates Vivienna and Saleril.
Saulanar offered his blood elves to do the escorting but Leugim rapidly discarded the idea, if either Azureseeker's or Clash's forces left Grey Point, the Commander wasn't sure if his ghoulish guard would be able to stand a Kor'kron raid. Thus, Santangelo decided that the Grey Legion would deal with this, and gave the call of duty to the soldier Gronak and the initiates Vivienna and Saleril.
[[File:Kor'kron2.png|thumb|The quartet of Kor'kron ambushers.]]
[[File:Kor'kron2.png|thumb|The quartet of Kor'kron ambushers.]]
Upon the trio's arrival at Grey Point, Leugim and Nimbus explained the situation for them, once their doubts were cleansed from what they were supposed to do, the Commander gave the order to mount up and personally led the group to Northwatch Hold's entrance by way of the Southern Barrens, where a pair of male human guards provided them with the pack mule trio.
Upon the trio's arrival at Grey Point, Leugim and Nimbus explained the situation for them, once their doubts were cleansed from what they were supposed to do, the Commander gave the order to mount up and personally led the group to Northwatch Hold's entrance by way of the Southern Barrens, where a pair of male human guards provided them with the pack mule trio.
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[[File:Kor'kron.png|thumb|The Kor'kron snipers and the invaders at Teegan's Expedition.]]
[[File:Kor'kron.png|thumb|The Kor'kron snipers and the invaders at Teegan's Expedition.]]
The group rushed on, finally reaching the Overgrowth, where they found Teegan's Expedition under attack by the Kor'kron, orcish and human corpses spread around the base camp, it seemed that the conflict had lasted for quite some time, Leugim gave the order to aid the humans, for the loyalists posed a bigger threat. Vivienna was the first to charge, leaping wildly and cutting one of the orcs from behind, the enforcer next to him widened his eyes as his comrade began to fall and held him by the arm, only to notice his friend's lower body still falling, separated from the rest of the body. His comrade was dead, the orc was so enraged at the death of his comrade that he swinged the corpse against the elf, who promptly dodged the attack, Saleril then picked up an orb of his, harnessing mana from it to fire a blast of frost against one of the orcs, but this one managed to fully disengage from the humans and cut the blast in half with his axe, the orc then picked up his iron rifle and attempted to shoot the elf, who rapidly avoided the shot. The battle raged on for a few more minutes, Gronak was immobilized by one of the Kor'kron while another unleashed a flurry of axe slashes against the soldier, Gronak was saved by the humans when five of them teamed up in a simultaneous stab against the loyalist immobilizing the rebel, holes opened all across the Kor'kron invader's body with thick blood oozing from them all as the orc let Gronak go and fell lifelessly over the ground, shortly after, the fallen orc's partner leapt backwards and brandished his rifle, bursting one of the humans' head with a well aimed bullet that pierced the Northwatch guard's white plate helmet and tore its way into his skull, this same orc would suddenly take an arrow to his helmet, but it'd fail to penetrate it, the orc instantly rushed towards the human who fired it, a man holding a crossbow next to a crowd of ten battlers, five humans versus five Kor'kron orcs, the loyalist rapidly put an end to the insolent human who disengaged from the main skirmish by cutting the pinkskin's head off with a single wild swing of his axe, but the orc's struggle for survival would meet an end at the hands of Gronak, the soldier leaping and landing between the enemy orc and the other group fighting the humans, Bladescar then roared as his two-handed axe cleaved heads of two orcs in a single swing. Meanwhile, Saleril teleported and appeared behind the remaining orc quintet that were evenly matched with the human quartet, attempting to blast one of them with a fireball, but the targetted orc swiftly turned around upon smelling fire hehind him, slashing the fireball in a half and then counterattacking by unleashing a barrage of lightning-infused shots from his rifle against the mage's face, knees and chest, but they missed all shots as the blood elf teleported away. Leugim then ran amid the orcs and humans and attempted to assault the Kor'kron who tried to shoot Saleril but was struck on the spine by the hilt of two axes, quickly bringing him to his knees, the two loyalists prepared themselves to chop the commander with their axes, only to be tackled away by two humans, the same human duo would then pull Gim away from the main skirmish in order to bring their uneasy ally to safety and then charged back into battle. Gronak then roared furiously and, with a single swing of his mighty axe, would cleave the heads of two Kor'kron orcs at the same time while Vivienna would shatter the chest armor of one of the Kor'kron with a mighty upward slice of her two-handed sword, leaving him to die with his now opened chest.
The group rushed on, finally reaching the Overgrowth, where they found Teegan's Expedition under attack by the Kor'kron, orcish and human corpses spread around the base camp, it seemed that the conflict had lasted for quite some time, Leugim gave the order to aid the humans, for the loyalists posed a bigger threat. Vivienna was the first to charge, leaping wildly and cutting one of the orcs from behind, the enforcer next to him widened his eyes as his comrade began to fall and held him by the arm, only to notice his friend's lower body still falling, separated from the rest of the body. His comrade was dead, the orc was so enraged at the death of his comrade that he swinged the corpse against the elf, who promptly dodged the attack, Saleril then picked up an orb of his, harnessing mana from it to fire a blast of frost against one of the orcs, but this one managed to fully disengage from the humans and cut the blast in half with his axe, the orc then picked up his iron rifle and attempted to shoot the elf, who rapidly avoided the shot. The battle raged on for a few more minutes, Gronak was immobilized by one of the Kor'kron while another unleashed a flurry of axe slashes against the soldier, Gronak was saved by the humans when five of them teamed up in a simultaneous stab against the loyalist immobilizing the rebel, holes opened all across the Kor'kron invader's body with thick blood oozing from them all as the orc let Gronak go and fell lifelessly over the ground, shortly after, the fallen orc's partner leapt backwards and brandished his rifle, bursting one of the humans' head with a well aimed bullet that pierced the Northwatch guard's white plate helmet and tore its way into his skull, this same orc would suddenly take an arrow to his helmet, but it'd fail to penetrate it, the orc instantly rushed towards the human who fired it, a man holding a crossbow next to a crowd of ten battlers, five humans versus five Kor'kron orcs, the loyalist rapidly put an end to the insolent human who disengaged from the main skirmish by cutting the pinkskin's head off with a single wild swing of his axe, but the orc's struggle for survival would meet an end at the hands of Gronak, the soldier leaping and landing between the enemy orc and the other group fighting the humans, Bladescar then roared as his two-handed axe cleaved heads of two orcs in a single swing. Meanwhile, Saleril teleported and appeared behind the remaining orc quintet that were evenly matched with the human quartet, attempting to blast one of them with a fireball, but the targetted orc swiftly turned around upon smelling fire hehind him, slashing the fireball in a half and then counterattacking by unleashing a barrage of lightning-infused shots from his rifle against the mage's face, knees and chest, but they missed all shots as the blood elf teleported away. Leugim then ran amid the orcs and humans and attempted to assault the Kor'kron who tried to shoot Saleril but was struck on the spine by the hilt of two axes, quickly bringing him to his knees, the two loyalists prepared themselves to chop the commander with their axes, only to be tackled away by two humans, the same human duo would then pull Leugim away from the main skirmish in order to bring their uneasy ally to safety and then charged back into battle. Gronak then roared furiously and, with a single swing of his mighty axe, would cleave the heads of two Kor'kron orcs at the same time while Vivienna would shatter the chest armor of one of the Kor'kron with a mighty upward slice of her two-handed sword, leaving him to die with his now opened chest.
A single orc remained, surrounded by eight humans plus Commander Leugim and Gronak, the loyalist let out a battle roar and prepared himself for his last stand charging against the humans to his left, who would proceed to push him away with their combined strength, Leugim would then divide himself into spirits of [,_Earth_and_Fire Storm, Earth and Fire] and deliver the final blow, the Storm and Fire Leugims keeping the surrounding circle complete as the Earth Leugim charged against the orc and brought him down with a leg sweep, using his earthly strength to carve his stone fist into the loyalist's back, removing his spine out of his body with the sheer strength of his enhanced pull. Meanwhile, two more ambushers arrived and tried to attack the pack mules from behind, only to have their heads frozen by Saleril, the bodies would then fall over the mules, the frozen heads shattering upon impact as the startled mules kicked the headless corpses away from them with their back hooves.
A single orc remained, surrounded by eight humans plus Commander Leugim and Gronak, the loyalist let out a battle roar and prepared himself for his last stand charging against the humans to his left, who would proceed to push him away with their combined strength, Leugim would then divide himself into spirits of [,_Earth_and_Fire Storm, Earth and Fire] and deliver the final blow, the Storm and Fire Leugims keeping the surrounding circle complete as the Earth Leugim charged against the orc and brought him down with a leg sweep, using his earthly strength to carve his stone fist into the loyalist's back, removing his spine out of his body with the sheer strength of his enhanced pull. Meanwhile, two more ambushers arrived and tried to attack the pack mules from behind, only to have their heads frozen by Saleril, the bodies would then fall over the mules, the frozen heads shattering upon impact as the startled mules kicked the headless corpses away from them with their back hooves.

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Vendetta Conflict

Previous: The Order to Execute the Legion
Concurrent: Battlefield: Barrens
Next: Siege of Orgrimmar
Part of: Alliance-Horde war
Date: Year 30 ADP
Location: Mostly at Southern Barrens with few activity at Pandaria.
Provocation: Kor'kron invasion of the Southern Barrens by way of Vendetta Point.
Outcome: Rebel and Alliance victory. Vendetta Point liberated. Mrog Hellflank and his forces betrayed and exterminated by the Grey Legion.
  • Kor'kron
Commanders and leaders

Casualties and losses
  • Heavy
  • Heavy

The Vendetta Conflict was a huge battle between the Kor'kron and the Grey Legion in which the loyalists attempted to gain a foothold over the Southern Barrens, but met a huge obstacle in the form of Leugim, his soldiers and allies.

Prelude Edit

With the dire war zone that the Northern Barrens have become, the Kor'kron have attempted to make their way to the southern settlements of the Horde in order to increase the loyalist forces' reach towards Mulgore as a preemptive measure for possible invasion at Thunder Bluff should the tauren fully support the rebellion. Thus, Overseer Balrocia was designated to lead a strike force to Vendetta Point and claim it fully to the Kor'kron, dealing with whatever opposition they would deal with. Balrocia's superiors also stated that this big operation would be the greatest test of her life and, should she be successful, she would be promoted to Regional Commander of the Southern Barrens.

Upon receiving the orders from the high command of the Kor'kron, Balrocia called on Stone Guard Neymaro to accompany her to the depths of Ragefire Chasm, she wasn't willing to solely occupy Vendetta as she was ordered, but this was all she could do with the manpower she was provided. She wanted more, the ambition of her possible promotion making her strive for feats of greatness. Thus, upon arriving at Ragefire Chasm, she negotiated with the Dark Shaman and even acquired an escort in the form of Dradak Stonefist.

Balrocia's forces thus assembled at the Dranosh'ar Blockade and mounted on their wyverns, flying their way to the Southern Barrens. The loyalist forces landed with a fulminating diving strike against the few forces of Vendetta in impressive synch, eliminating all Darkspear Rebellion-aligned adventurers and guards alike. The small Vendetta Point was swiftly subdued by Balrocia's forces, and she soon began dictating the new rules of the base.

For the next four days, the loyalist soldiers focused mainly in settling themselves and patrolling the proximities of the base camp. Meanwhile, Balrocia studied the reports of her scouts and prepared herself to put her plan into motion: to expand Vendetta Point into a fully fledging fortress that would become everything that Desolation Hold never was, the unquestionable might of the Horde over the Barrens and the fist that would reclaim Honor's Stand from the Alliance. Thus, the Kor'kron negotiated with the goblins of Ratchet in order to hire mercenaries to build and fuel a portal to Orgrimmar, from where more Kor'kron men and women would come to reinforce Balrocia's manpower. The Alliance and rebel Horde forces at the northern portions of the Fields of Blood were decimated and a prison was built amid the quilboar ruins of the region, a pack of lions next to Vendetta Point was slaughtered and a small camp was built, the equipment crates were placed there due to the lack of space at Vendetta. Balrocia's plans were slowly being fulfilled, the orcish overseer wishing to see the other sections of the soon-to-be fortress to be completed before demolishing the main small village-base in order to build a whole stronghold over the ruins.


The Kor'kron taking over the Fields of Blood. The orcs would make use of quilboar huts to build prison cells within them.

A few days after the beginning of their expansion, a strike force of around 40 male quilboar led by Mrog Hellflank attempted to lay siege to the Fields of Blood, but were taken by surprise by the considerable numbers of recently arrived Kor'kron in their way to the region. The 22 survivors, one of them being Hellflank himself, were swiftly taken to the prisons at the northern ruins, where he found many others of his tribe imprisoned.

In the next day, the blood elven Azureseeker Expedition had just landed on the shores of Durotar when the news of Vendetta Point's capture reached them at Sen'jin Village, Saulanar Azureseeker thus rallied his many cousin-subordinates and moved to the Overgrowth, where they spent a few days preparing themselves while making bandages with the local twisted flora, and then finally charged against Vendetta Point. Saulanar expected an easy victory, for he thought the Kor'kron forces there were just a small few considering the situation of Northern Barrens and the fact that Vendetta was too small, however, he and his guild met a considerably sized contingent of orcs that swiftly overwhelmed his forces, the survivors of the bloody conflict were brought to the newly built prison at the Fields of Blood.

Later in the same day, the same news reached the Gnomeregan Blackjacks, deployed to the Barrens and based at Northwatch Hold. Nimbus Clash thus organized his guild and unleashed an allout assault against Vendetta Point with the full might of their forces, the gnomes made the same mistake as the blood elves and suffered a far more bloody fate, 368 gnomes were slain on that day, the 32 survivors, all of them female death knights save for Nimbus himself, being imprisoned.

Amid the conflict, Saulanar managed to loot a prison key from one of the Kor'kron enforces that died near his cell, thus managing to escape, at the cost of taking none of his cousins with him, for the gnomes were swiftly defeated and that only gave enough time for Azureseeker to leave Vendetta with the promise that he would come to free his relatives and subordinates. Nimbus also managed to escape imprisonment by instantly killing the two Kor'kron who briefly subjugated him with a sword strike that luckily cut their hands off.

Mrog Hellflank seized the opportunity left by the chaos that ensued from both invasions to attempt an escape of his own, the quilboar was able to rescue himself and recover his family axe, which he used to destroy six cages, but the Kor'kron soon gave chase and he was forced to retreat with only that few of his brethren. Eventually, Mrog and his six remaining men managed to escape the Kor'kron and settled at the Overgrowth to plan their next move.

Because of the number of escapes they faced, Dradak Stonefist was ordered to channel an elemental prison, which was a huge enhanced cell that was powered by the corrupted elements. The gnome death knights and the blood elves were taken to these elemental prisons, while the remaining quilboar remained in normal cells.

It didn't take long for the news of Vendetta's capture to reach the ears of the Grey Legion, for they had a small base camp named Grey Point that was just a small distance to the east from Vendetta Point. During one of his many check-ins at Grey Point, Overseer Leugim discovered the ever-increasing amount of Kor'kron walking around the proximities of Vendetta, thus, the corpse swiftly started working on preparing an assault to liberate Vendetta, this would need planning, though, and he would need to act faster than the enemy overseer.

Stage 1: Information Gathering Edit

Leugim went to the Spirit Rise of Thunder Bluff, where the Grey Legion had settled ever since the Kor'kron's betrayal, in order to call for aid in preparing the ground for a possible assault at Vendetta Point. Specifically, Leugim was seeking people that could help him infiltrate the camp and find out whatever he'd be able to, for he wished to know what exactly was he facing before making any plans of attack.

Thus, Leugim called for his Right Hand and second-in-command of the Darkfist Spinereavers, Suhako Blackpaw, to aid him. Legionary Kron'thar offered himself to accompany them, while the warlock wouldn't be able to aid the group in stealthing properly, the orc would at least be able to use his dark abilities to empower the shadowy cloaking abilities of Legionary Elite Blackpaw.

The trio took a flight path directly to Grey Point and proceeded to their mission without any sort of waiting, Suhako stealthing and also covering her allies in shadows through her shroud of concealment as the group made their way to Vendetta Point on foot. The proximities of Vendetta were vastly guarded, Kor'kron guards patrolling in great numbers, a few of them had a few villagers, possibly Vol'jin-aligned adventurers, forced on their knees with iron rifles pointed at her heads, a sight that disturbed Kron'thar and Suhako greatly, but did little to Leugim such was his focus on his duty.

The trio managed to successfuly infiltrate the base camp, and saw Balrocia right in front of the main hut, seemingly waiting for someone. Not so long after their arrival, Daw'gar Stripribs came out of the portal, inquiring his overseer about the reason behind his summoning. Daw'gar and Balrocia shared a surly talk, which demonstrated their distrust towards one another, but the Grey Legion were also able to hear about their plans on expanding Vendetta Point into a proper Kor'kron fortress. Finally, Dreadhowl stated that the reason behind Daw'gar's summoning was that the reward for his efforts at Uldum was finally done.

The core of the titan construct which Stripribs took from the Grey Legion was forged into plate armor and a two-handed axe, the powers of titan technology within the core were infused to both armor and weapon through the use of enslaved blood elven magisters and their rune magic. The description of his reward sparked great ambition in Stripribs, and he asked about when was he going to receive it, Balrocia then ordered Stone Guard Neymaro to move out and get the elves from the prison and have them summon Stripribs' gear from its hiding, Boulderkick thus saluted and left the camp, returning not so long afterwards with three male blood elves under his arms, hurling the dying magisters at Balrocia's feet. After stomping one of the elves' chest and beheading him, Balrocia ordered the two remaining elves that Daw'gar's gear was summoned, for she couldn't stand having to admit that her hated subordinate actually did a considerable work and wished to get rid of the burden of having to reward him.

The elves attempted to harness the last of their strength into a strong spell to kill the evil overseer, but their lack of strength was such that they had only enough energy to comply with her orders, the two elves, already battered from the inumerous beatings from their Kor'kron overseers, had their dying process hastened by the overflow of arcane energy that summoned the container of Daw'gar's equipment. Before the elves could draw their last breaths, Balrocia beheaded both at the same time with a cleaving swing of her left axe.

The summoned gear, thick dark grey-purple armor with a glowing two-handed axe, was encased in a shell of thick ice, conjured by strong arcane magic. Daw'gar furiously hacked his way throught the ice tomb using both his axes and, upon finally destroying the tomb, he was surprised to see his gear and weapon floating in front of him. The orc, however, didn't pay much heed to his surprise, and swiftly placed his hand over the axe's hilt then closing his grip around it. As soon as he touched the hilt, the rest of the armor flew in Stripribs' direction, a huge white beam of light ensued, temporarily blinding both Suhako and Kron'thar, drastically weakening the Legion's stealth, the light then disappeared and the risen dust settled, revealing a totally different Daw'gar, his hair was white, his eyes glew a white-blue glow and his armor was completely transformed.

After promising his overseer that he would carry this "blessing" in order to bring glory to the Horde, Stripribs and Dreadhowl preapared themselves to resume their other duties, but suddenly, Stripribs began sniffing the air, his now enhanced senses allowed him to track the sent of the Legion invaders. The trio also noticed that they were discovered, thus returning to Grey Point before their lives were put into further risk.

Once they arrived at Grey Point, Leugim dismissed Suhako and Kron'thar, for he wished to be alone to study what he had learned that day.

Stage 2: Forging Alliances Edit

A few days later, while Leugim, recently promoted to Commander, watched over the defenses of Grey Point, Santangelo's base camp was found by outsiders in the form of Nimbus Clash and Saulanar Azureseeker, the gnome and the elf coincidentally stumbled upon each other, their curiosity towards the ghoul-filled base camp surpassing the hatred between factions at the moment. Leugim noticed the duo observing the camp from afar, the corpse crossed his arms, staring them for a few seconds. In this small time, Leugim's mind was hit by a brainstorm: he was afraid that the Grey Legion alone wouldn't be able to deal with the incredibly increasing amount of Kor'kron at Vendetta Point, thus he needed to seek allies not only within the Horde, but also outside of it. Thus, the Commander made a gesture for them to approach and motioned for the ghouls of the base camp to not attack them. The gnome and the blood elf hesitantly approached, staring at each other with distrust, but their staring contest was interrupted by Leugim's arrival.

The commander greeted them and introduced himself, the gnome and the blood elf, although still not trusting that situation, introduced themselves as well. The trio went to the center of the base camp, gathering next to the blank banner at its center, upon closer inspection of Leugim's tabard and the black banner at the northernmost edge of Grey Point, Saulanar finally recognized Leugim as a member of the Grey Legion, which made him a little more relieved to know he wasn't going through a potential trap while Nimbus remained distrustful. Nimbus pondered about leaving the camp, but he knew why he and Saulanar chose to ignore each other and approach the camp, for they knew how desperate their situation was. Thus, Saulanar and Nimbus engaged the Forsaken monk in a talk, willing to try some diplomacy in order to acquire a possible aid against the Kor'kron.

The three had a common interest: to repel the Kor'kron from the Southern Barrens. Leugim supressed a maliciously ambitious grin, as this could mean his ranks would be swiftly bolstered should he manage to forge an alliance with both of them, but he quickly reached an impass, although the Saulanar and Nimbus agreed that a combined assault of the Grey Legion and their guilds would be an almost certain victory, Leugim would need to do something for them in order to seal their pact: to rescue their captured manpower. Their forces had been completely captured and they weren't sure for how long they'd last, they needed someone who could infiltrate Vendetta Point and find a way to set them free, but they lacked anyone who could stealth.

Leugim made it clear that this was not a problem to the Grey Legion and that he'd have it solved, thus, he picked up his communicator and called for Legionary Pazie Glassgear, sending one of his more intelligent ghouls with two wyverns to the Spirit Rise of Thunder Bluff, where Leugim wanted them to meet.

At first, Legionary Pazie was annoyed at the bizarre behavior of the ghoulish man who called himself "Doctor Johnskilt", but the undead did his job, providing the goblin rogue with a wyvern for her to ride and then guiding the legionary to Grey Point.

As soon as she arrived and saluted her commander, Pazie wondered about the presence of the blood elf, but was mostly focused on the gnome, constantly launching distrustful and angry glances against him from time to time. Commander Leugim thus introduced Pazie to Nimbus and Saulanar. According to Commander Leugim, the goblin's mission was the following: to infiltrate Vendetta Point, find a way to rescue the gnomish and blood elven prisoners and recover their lost equipment should the Kor'kron have kept it.

Saulanar, whose tone was mostly apathetic if not a little sadistic, handed Pazie an arcane stone, proceeding to tell her that she was to use the stone once she had assembled all the rescued prisoners, for it would summon the elf at the goblin's position and he'd proceed to teleport them to the safety of Grey Point. Pazie took the stone in her hands and headed to Vendetta Point, stealthing once she passed by a pack of lions both to avoid being eaten and to hide for she was getting close to Kor'kron territory.


Kor'kron Bloodmaidens. The Blackrock women that Pazie found protecting Daw'gar Stripribs.

The Legionary decided to begin her search for the prisoners around the proximities of the small village-base, crawling and sneaking her away among the swarming numbers of Kor'kron and eventually getting inside it, just like Leugim, Suhako and Kron'thar did previously. However, the inside of the base camp was much more fortified in terms of manpower, two mighty Blackrock women in thick leather armor, wielding sharp one-handed axes and impressive shield walls, blocked the entrance to the main hut, where Daw'gar Stripribs was in front of. Pazie dared not to approach them too much. However, exactly as before, Daw'gar started sniffing the air again, and upon hearing him speaking to his Bloodmaidens that "something was wrong", the goblin swiftly sprinted her way out of the village-base. Her continued research eventually brought her to the nearby crate depot, which was heavily guarded by the loyalists, however, there was an isolated amount of crates being protected by Stone Guard Neymaro.

Pazie approached, inspecting the crates carefully from the smallest safe distance possible, the few glances that she could have from the contents of the crates indicated that those equipment were all but orcish, which made her conclude that the Kor'kron did confiscate the elves and the gnomes' equipment. With the gear located, Pazie resumed her search for their owners. Pazie found them at the Fields of Blood, stuck in an elemental prison that required Dradak Stonefist to constantly channel more and more subdued and corrupted earthly elemental power into the structure, which put the mag'har dark shaman in a nearly meditative state. From the huge earthly cell, Pazie could see the faces of sin'dorei and undead gnome women, bound by strong earthly shackes that forced them to their knees.

With her objectives located, it was time to work on accomplishing them, Pazie decided to begin by dealing with Neymaro in order to retrieve the crates. Initially, the goblin attempted to discreetly climb the crates and ambush the Stone Guard, but his reflexes caused him to avoid it, though not fast enough to identify what attacked him, as Pazie took distance and promptly found another hideout, a hulking stealthed orc passed by her. Thinking it was a Kor'kron rogue, Pazie was swift to backstab him, a brief skirmish ensued between the two that compromised their stealthed states, Neymaro heard faint sounds of steps and fighting and leapt wildly on the spot he thought it came from, the Stone Guard landed over the orcish rogue, Legionary Pazie managing to avoid it by jumping out of Neymaro's plated boot's range and hiding herself behind a decaying corpse of a lion killed by the Kor'kron.

Thinking that that unidentified orc was the one responsible for the strange scents tracked by Daw'gar and believing the rogue to be a spy, Neymaro lifted the rogue by the neck and carried him away, leaving the crates defenseless.

Pazie seized the oppotunity to finally retrieve the crates, but around eight Kor'kron guards assembled around it in order to compensate Stone Guard Neymaro's absence. The lack of luck angered the goblin greatly, but her throwing daggers did the job in piercing their necks, bringing every single of those orcs lifelessly to the ground. The crates were defenseless again, Pazie had to act quickly, Leugim questioned Pazie about the huge amount of noise he was hearing over the communicator channel. Pazie barely heard her commander as she basked in a bloodlust she hasn't felt in some time, and answered his question then warned that she got the crates, the Commander replied by telling her to leave Vendetta Point and meet one of his ghouls at a designate meeting spot.

The goblin took the crates in hands and rapidly made her way out of Vendetta, eventually meeting with Leugim's envoy, the goblin was starting to get fed up of mindless undead for the day, but even then, she questioned the ghoul if it was to deliver the crates to Commander Leugim, the ghoul thus answered positively in a scandalous and pseudo overly cheerful manner, thus Pazie handed the crates to the undead, who proceeded to run back to Grey Point. With the first half of the mission concluded, Pazie returned to the Fields of Blood in order to deal with Dradak Stonefist.

Inside Vendetta Point, Neymaro tossed the suspicious orcish infiltrator at Balrocia's feet. Not recalling any reinforcements in the form of assassins and not believing the rogue's claims, Balrocia swiftly slayed him, declaring that he was a spy for the rebellion.

At the Fields of Blood, Pazie disceetly arrived to finally get rid of the dark shaman and dispel his prison. Several earthly tendril-like structures rose from the ground and flailed around as a result of Stonefist's corruption, Pazie discreetly sneaked her way to the mag'har, taking enough care to avoid the tendrils aimless flailing, and tried to stab the orc in the back of his leg. However, the enforced attunement to the earth caused Dradak to feel the low vibrations caused by Glassgear's steps, which made him stomp the ground lightly, an earth spike positioning itself between Pazie and him. The goblin then decided to take distance again, as the planned her next move, she witnessed a horrid scene.

Dradak wasn't sure if there truly was someone behind him as the earth itself attempted to sever the connection imposed by the dark shaman, Stonefist seemed to be talking to himself as he repeatedly asked if "it" knew if there was someone nearby or not, but the identity of the "it" he spoke to was soon revealed. Dradak closed his right hand into a fist and moved it away from the elemental beam he was using to keep the elemental prison active, thus removing his hand from the channeling, the mag'har said that the earth would answer, liking it or not. Suddenly, his right hand unleashed a beam of corruptive energies at the floor, the place where this channeled beam landed created a dark ring where all of the earthly tendrils were sucked into as if it was a whirlpool, the tendrils were forcefully sucked into the ground under the epicenter of the energies and reassembled into what they were originally: an unbound earth elemental. The beam then forced the elemental out of the ground and lifted it into the air, its single attempt to resist the dark shaman's grasp resulting in being smashed against the ground and having a burst of darkened lava channeled inside the beam that pinned it. The blast hit it right in the chest, pulverizing most of the elemental, leaving only the core behind. Dradak, still channeling the beam that kept the prison active with his left hand, used his free hand to siphon the elemental energies contained in the earthly creature's core, the absorbed primal power caused the mag'har's flesh to briefly turn into thick stone and emit a faint yellow aura, the shaman then returned to normal a few seconds later after the overload of power was done for.

With his newfound powers, Dradak's connection with the earth was as complete as that of any other shaman, now fully without the need to ask the elements for aid. He was now able to completely feel Pazie's presence, and the goblin noticed that as waves of earth spikes would come out of the ground in attempts to stab her from beneath plus the earthen needles that sprouted from both the ground and the spikes and swarmed their way to Pazie's flesh, while she managed to avoid the lethal spikes, several needles managed to open cuts in her skin.

Pazie attempted to fight back by vanishing in the darkness and reappearing right behind the dark shaman, proceeding to unleash a flurry of stabs in various sections of the dark shaman's body, but the absorption of the elemental's core had left a lasting hardening effect on Dradak's flesh, which caused all of her stabs to fail as the blades bounced harmlessly against his twisted hide. Despite being distracted into casting powerful spells against the goblin and being attacked by said goblin, the mag'har kept his casting stance intact and his left arm stretched with his hand open, successfully keeping the prison active while trying to fend her off.

The fight began to get even harder for the goblin as she began to tire from having to avoid so many rising spikes and barrages of needles, which made her feel slightly desperate until she had an idea: the cunning goblin removed the earthly needles that were stuck in her flesh and stepped in front of the orc, hurling them like a barrage of throwing knives, the needles managed to successfully pierce the orc's right shoulder, left armpit and both his knees, the strength he had absorbed being used against him. Dradak wasn't able to stand the pain and fell to his knees, the channeling was interrupted and the prisoners were freed.

The enraged Dradak then rolled backwards and yelled for help while preparing to cast an incredibly powerful lava spell, but the blood elven prisoners rapidly leapt in the orc's direction and interrupted his casting by unleashing simultaneous waves of arcane torrents. The angered orc would soon retaliate by casting a chain of lightning against all the elves, the spell was about to connect to its first target when Pazie threw a knife directly at the orc's right eye, which not only interrupted the spell but also caused a considerable amount of blood to ooze from the wound and the orc to snarl-roar in fury, the blood elven women seized the opportunity to keep distance from the mag'har while the gnomish death knight prisoners assembled near Pazie to watch her back despite the confiscation of their gear. With her thirst for blood temporarily sated and the bulk of the Kor'kron guards coming, Pazie finally picked up Saulanar's arcane orb, unsure of how to use it, but at least pressing it caused the spell to trigger.

Saulanar Azureseeker materialized in front of Pazie and ordered his forces to regroup around the goblin and the gnomes, the blood elf then unleashed a massive phasing barrier, turning the group invisible. When the Kor'kron arrived, all they saw was the elemental prison destroyed and Dradak laying on the ground with a knife on his eye, the mag'har finally managed to withstand the pain and rise, removing the dagger from his eye and then turning to the guards. One of them inquired Dradak about who did that to him, but the orc wasn't sure for he spent most of the fight focusing his sight on the elemental prison and then, after his defeat, he only had a brief glance of Pazie's silhouette before he was swarmed by the blood elves and had a knife hurled in his eye.

Pazie, Saulanar and the prisoners watched the scene from within the barrier, after witnessing the Kor'kron aiding Dradak to move to the main base in order to recover, Azureseeker casted his teleport spell, bringing the whole group back to Grey Point.

Neymaro arrived at the spot and, shocked by what he saw, aided Dradak in going back into Vendetta Point. After having his wounds analyzed, Dradak was teleported back to Orgrimmar to receive proper treatment. Balrocia was enraged and concluded that the "dishonorable rebels" used that orc as a decoy to distract them, thus leaving the crates unprotected as well as Dradak. Angered, the Overseer contacted Orgrimmar for more manpower as they were beginning to face considerable resistance, the answer arrived in the form of reinforcements led by Harokaja, sent by the Dark Shaman to replace the wounded Dradak as Balrocia's escort and advisor.

Meanwhile at Grey Point, now that the gnomish and elven leaders were reunited with their forces and their equipment, they went to a separate side of Grey Point in order to check on their brethren. Leugim spoke to Pazie and admitted that the goblin did a very good job before dismissing her and whispering that she should reconsider the idea of giving up her stealthed ways in favor of becoming a warrior, as she was planning before that day. Whether this mission had any impact on her stance in all this is unknown, but Leugim couldn't care less considering the other matters he had to focus on.

Leugim, Nimbus and Saulanar assembled near the blank banner again and, according to them, there was no remaining doubt that an alliance with the Grey Legion would be vital for the defeat of the Kor'kron at Southern Barrens. Thus, the Grey Legion, the Gnomeregan Blackjacks and the Azureseeker Expedition, united their arms in order to combat the loyalists. Grey Point was appointed as their base, the undead gnome death knights and the blood elven warriors joining the ghoulish guards of the outpost, thus bolstering its defenses against possible raids from the Kor'kron.

Stage 3: Acquiring Supplies Edit

The assault force needed something: supplies, but most of the people at Grey Point were undead, so they didn't need food, the animals of the Southern Barrens were enough for the blood elves and Nimbus. Thus, they decided to focus on weaponry, Nimbus managed to negotiate a shipment of swords with the Northwatch Expeditionary Force, a trio of pack mules was soon dispatched at Northwatch Hold but the gnome received a letter that said that, with Northwatch Hold still rebuilding from the razing that preceeded the attack on Theramore and being so dangerously close to Horde territory, sparing any manpower when a possible all-out attack from the Kor'kron at any moment could be fatal, thus the mules would need outside escort.

Saulanar offered his blood elves to do the escorting but Leugim rapidly discarded the idea, if either Azureseeker's or Clash's forces left Grey Point, the Commander wasn't sure if his ghoulish guard would be able to stand a Kor'kron raid. Thus, Santangelo decided that the Grey Legion would deal with this, and gave the call of duty to the soldier Gronak and the initiates Vivienna and Saleril.


The quartet of Kor'kron ambushers.

Upon the trio's arrival at Grey Point, Leugim and Nimbus explained the situation for them, once their doubts were cleansed from what they were supposed to do, the Commander gave the order to mount up and personally led the group to Northwatch Hold's entrance by way of the Southern Barrens, where a pair of male human guards provided them with the pack mule trio.

It didn't take long and a quartet of Kor'kron jumped from the nearby hills in a completely failed attempt to stomp the Legion members and ransack their "caravan" when the Legion was getting close to the Raptor Den that is just past Northwatch Hold, but those were swiftly dealt with in a brief skirmish, culminating with Vivienna beheading one of them, Gronak beheading another, and, as ridiculous as it may seem, one of the Kor'kron, after shattering a barrage of frost spikes from Saleril to pieces, decided to pick it up and throw it behind him, the sharp shard accidentally fell on another ambusher's head, piercing it and shattering his skull, the last one was about to raise his axe to attack Vivienna when Saleril casted a fire spell that blew him up. The fight, although swift, was not without wounds for the Legion group, except for Vivienna, who managed to avoid all onslaughts against her.

Regardless of the damage caused to them, the mules were fine, so Leugim had them move on and haste their paces, Gronak holding the mules' saddles to coordinate the equines as they ran. A horrible sight waited for them, a tauren graveyard was on fire, the corpses and the totem were all being consumed by raging flames, Gronak rapidly associated it to the Kor'kron and exposed his indignation, Saleril, also horrified by the scene, asked Commander Leugim if he should kill the fires, Leugim said that they didn't have time to lose and had to run back to Grey Point. Suddenly, a rain of bullets came from a thick tree against the Legion group, most of them either missed or bounced off Gronak's and Vivianne's plate armor while a small few managed to pierce through Leugim's neck and Saleril's shoulder cloth shoulderpads. The Commander only noticed the ambush when he heard the distant sound of shots and the huge sound of the bullets colliding with plate armor and his rotten flesh, his reaction was swift, insintictively following the sound and unleashing jade lightning against the sniper in the middle, upon impact, the lightning spread across the orc's veins and then spread to the bodies of the other tree orcs, forcing them into a horrid amount of convulsion, consequently making them fall to their deaths from the tree.


The Kor'kron snipers and the invaders at Teegan's Expedition.

The group rushed on, finally reaching the Overgrowth, where they found Teegan's Expedition under attack by the Kor'kron, orcish and human corpses spread around the base camp, it seemed that the conflict had lasted for quite some time, Leugim gave the order to aid the humans, for the loyalists posed a bigger threat. Vivienna was the first to charge, leaping wildly and cutting one of the orcs from behind, the enforcer next to him widened his eyes as his comrade began to fall and held him by the arm, only to notice his friend's lower body still falling, separated from the rest of the body. His comrade was dead, the orc was so enraged at the death of his comrade that he swinged the corpse against the elf, who promptly dodged the attack, Saleril then picked up an orb of his, harnessing mana from it to fire a blast of frost against one of the orcs, but this one managed to fully disengage from the humans and cut the blast in half with his axe, the orc then picked up his iron rifle and attempted to shoot the elf, who rapidly avoided the shot. The battle raged on for a few more minutes, Gronak was immobilized by one of the Kor'kron while another unleashed a flurry of axe slashes against the soldier, Gronak was saved by the humans when five of them teamed up in a simultaneous stab against the loyalist immobilizing the rebel, holes opened all across the Kor'kron invader's body with thick blood oozing from them all as the orc let Gronak go and fell lifelessly over the ground, shortly after, the fallen orc's partner leapt backwards and brandished his rifle, bursting one of the humans' head with a well aimed bullet that pierced the Northwatch guard's white plate helmet and tore its way into his skull, this same orc would suddenly take an arrow to his helmet, but it'd fail to penetrate it, the orc instantly rushed towards the human who fired it, a man holding a crossbow next to a crowd of ten battlers, five humans versus five Kor'kron orcs, the loyalist rapidly put an end to the insolent human who disengaged from the main skirmish by cutting the pinkskin's head off with a single wild swing of his axe, but the orc's struggle for survival would meet an end at the hands of Gronak, the soldier leaping and landing between the enemy orc and the other group fighting the humans, Bladescar then roared as his two-handed axe cleaved heads of two orcs in a single swing. Meanwhile, Saleril teleported and appeared behind the remaining orc quintet that were evenly matched with the human quartet, attempting to blast one of them with a fireball, but the targetted orc swiftly turned around upon smelling fire hehind him, slashing the fireball in a half and then counterattacking by unleashing a barrage of lightning-infused shots from his rifle against the mage's face, knees and chest, but they missed all shots as the blood elf teleported away. Leugim then ran amid the orcs and humans and attempted to assault the Kor'kron who tried to shoot Saleril but was struck on the spine by the hilt of two axes, quickly bringing him to his knees, the two loyalists prepared themselves to chop the commander with their axes, only to be tackled away by two humans, the same human duo would then pull Leugim away from the main skirmish in order to bring their uneasy ally to safety and then charged back into battle. Gronak then roared furiously and, with a single swing of his mighty axe, would cleave the heads of two Kor'kron orcs at the same time while Vivienna would shatter the chest armor of one of the Kor'kron with a mighty upward slice of her two-handed sword, leaving him to die with his now opened chest.

A single orc remained, surrounded by eight humans plus Commander Leugim and Gronak, the loyalist let out a battle roar and prepared himself for his last stand charging against the humans to his left, who would proceed to push him away with their combined strength, Leugim would then divide himself into spirits of Storm, Earth and Fire and deliver the final blow, the Storm and Fire Leugims keeping the surrounding circle complete as the Earth Leugim charged against the orc and brought him down with a leg sweep, using his earthly strength to carve his stone fist into the loyalist's back, removing his spine out of his body with the sheer strength of his enhanced pull. Meanwhile, two more ambushers arrived and tried to attack the pack mules from behind, only to have their heads frozen by Saleril, the bodies would then fall over the mules, the frozen heads shattering upon impact as the startled mules kicked the headless corpses away from them with their back hooves.

After rejecting the humans' offer to stay and have their wounds healed, the Legion resumed their march back to Grey Point. On their way out of the Overgrowth, the group was ambushed by two unexpected guests: the two Kor'kron Bloodmaidens, the two Blackrock women seen guarding Daw'gar Stripribs when Pazie spied on Vendetta Point. The warrior rogues attempted to slash each Legion members from behind, but they were fast to avoid, a dire fight ensued afterwards, so dire that one of them managed to even take Commander Leugim himself down, thus the fight divided itself, with Gronak tackling the Bloodmaiden away from Leugim before she could do anything worse with Vivienna backing him up while Saleril engaged the other Bloodmaiden in a duel. The two confronting forces seemed evenly matched as Leugim was forced to play dead while he discreetly fixed his shattered limbs by healing them with small amounts of Chi. The fight would only come to its end after Gronak hurled his two-handed axe at the Bloodmaiden facing Saleril, piercing the already wounded woman and forcing her against a tree as the blood elf seized the opportunity to blast her with his best magic, meanwhile, Gronak tackled the other Bloodmaiden down and began spanking her face with his plated fists, suddenly, the other Bloodmaiden would remove the soldier's axe from her body and, after avoiding an arcane blast strong enough to kill her, leapt in Bladescar's direction in an attempt to slice him from behind with his own weapon, the orc swiftly turned around and rose enough to snatch the hilt of his axe and pull it back, Vivienna then seized the opportunity and landed a mighty cleaving slash with her sword that amplified her victim's wounds to non-sustainable proportions, causing the Bloodmaiden to fall on a pool of her own blood, and as luck would have it, the other Bloodmaiden picked up her one-handed axe and attempted to slash Gronak's neck with it, but Vivienna's blade cut the surface of her head, forcing her back down in pain, as she yelled in agony, Saleril muttered an incantantion that combusted the loyalist's tongue, causing it to explode in a burst of fire that soon consumed her mouth, throat, lungs and nostrils, thick black smoke coming out of her nostrils, mouth and ears as she fell lifelessly to the ground. Upon hearing the death of the final Kor'kron, Leugim brought himself up again with a lot of difficulty as his limbs weren't properly healed yet, the commander, now that he didn't have to worry about being destroyed while healing, healed himself enough to proceed, and, after mending the Legion's wounds, they resumed their march.

On their way back to Grey Point, Leugim mentioned that he had heard about those women before, and stated that, if they were at Overgrowth, then Daw'gar Stripribs would be nearby, thus the corpse had the Legion and the pack mules take a different route back to Grey Point, one that followed more to the south, passing through the northernmost part of Ruins of Taurajo and then turning slightly to the north. Once they passed through Taurajo, however, Leugim had the Legion hide beneath the immense bushes near a dying tree, there was a small group of Kor'kron led by Stone Guard Neymaro talking about their mission to check the possibilities of claiming Taurajo as a forward base camp once Vendetta is fully rebuilt, they also mentioned Daw'gar leading an assault to claim the Overgrowth as a way to block Northwatch's connection to the Southern Barrens. Not so long after Stripribs' mention, he appeared walking down the road in slow steps, he was called by his name by one of the Kor'kron, such soldier was swiftly killed with a single tackle of the empowered orc, spitting down at the deformed corpse of the loyalist and remarking he was to be called by his rank of Legionary. The tackle suddenly startled the pack mules and they would begin to yell before Gronak punched them all in the face, knocking the three equines down. Neymaro questioned Stripribs about the operation at the Overgrowth and Daw'gar reported consecutive victories against the human and quilboar occupation there, save for the front at Teegan's Expedition. According to Stripribs, the Alliance had surprise reinforcements that repelled his men and caused many casualties, when he arrived with the main force at Teegan's camp, the number of humans was overwhelming even for the task force he led, he claimed he would have stayed and fought, but he had better use for those orcish lives and wasn't going to "spend" them like that, thus he called for a retreat and went to Taurajo to check on Neymaro's group.

After clarifying the Stone Guard's doubts, Daw'gar sniffed the air and turned to the tree where the Legion was hiding, stomping the ground and sending a huge shockwave of energy that hit Gronak straight in the whole body, causing the orc to take most of the shockwave as he was in front of everyone, regardless, Leugim rolled out of the bushes and looked to his right, where he saw Vivienna be knocked back by what remained of the wave and Saleril going behind Gronak for a meat shield as he opened a portal to Grey Point and pushed the fainted mules inside it. At Grey Point, Nimbus and Saulanar noticed the portal and helped pulling the mules into the camp and spotted Daw'gar ordering Neymaro and his colleagues to join him in slaughtering the Legion members, the blood elf and the gnome jumped into the portal and arrived in the scene, Saulanar swiftly charging at Daw'gar and slicing him through the chest, but the blade did no harm to the Kor'kron Legionary, not only that, but Daw'gar managed to swat Azureseeker away with a simple backhand to his chin, causing the blood elf to land next to Nimbus, who would brandish his sword and prepare himself for battle. While the Kor'kron began their charge against the Legion and its allies, Commander Leugim ordered them to destroy the loyalists, thus Gronak, Saleril and Vivienna composed themselves and jumped into the fray.

Daw'gar was pushed away by the persistent combined strikes of Nimbus and Saulanar, the gnome and the blood elf managing to avoid the powerful onslaughts of the Legionary such was their agility, while the two worked on taking care of Daw'gar, Leugim and the Legion focused on Neymaro and his two remaining henchmen, since the third one was killed by Stripribs. Vivienna opened the fight by charging at Neymaro in an attempt to slice him through the waist, but the mag'har stone guard blocked the blow with his spiky green shield wall and decided to show her why his surname was "Boulderkick", the orc impressively knocking the initiate considerable yards away with a simple kick of his leather boots against her groin protected by plate armor, while the orc seemed largely unaffected, Vivienna landed brutally over the dirt. Gronak then charged at the mag'har, the stone guard and his two allies charging at the soldier, the orc got them right where he wanted them and unleashed another mighty cleave from his axe, managing to open a deep wound in Neymaro's stomach while destroying the belly of his two guardians, the duo falling lifeless over the ground, Neymaro would then backhand Gronak with his shield and then unleash a flurry of axe strikes against the orc, which would be rapidly interrupted by Leugim as he slapped the air, unleashing a massive Rushing Jade Wind against the loyalist, the chi tornado hurling Neymaro upwards after brutally spinning him, as Boulderkick regained his senses while falling, all he saw was Leugim leaping a high distance to smack the orc several times in the face with his plated boot in a Spinning Crane Kick to the face, the orc would then attempt to grab Leugim as both fell to the ground in an attempt to suplex him, but the corpse managed to avoid the orc's grasp by charging his body with chi and propelling himself downwards like a torpedo and landing on his hands and knees while the orc landed on his feet. Not so long afterwards, Vivienna composed herself and charged against the orc, successfully slashing his chest, but her success was short lived, again she would fall victim to the reason of the mag'har's surname, a rising kick to her plated helmet was strong enough to force it away from her head, the orc would then punch the elf in the mouth and slam her against the dirt, but before he could proceed with his bloodlust, Saleril conjured a frost spike and hurled it at the loyalist's groin, the mag'har then turned to the incoming blast and, in his arrogance, attempted to kick the blast away, but the spike ended up piercing his foot, thick blood oozing from the wound. Regardless of the pain, the orc leapt and tried to land with a dropkick against the elf, who merely teleported away from harm, as the orc landed on his wounded foot and fell to his knees, Gronak sheathed his axe and grabbed the mag'har by the neck and slammed him against the dying tree, proceeding to punch the loyalist repeatedly with his plated fist until Neymaro's face was completely deformed and his breathing ceased.

With Neymaro dealt with, the Legion rapidly proceeded to join Nimbus and Saulanar in doing battle with Daw'gar. Leugim, Gronak and Vivienna leaping and landing around the Kor'kron Legionary, Saleril keeping himself in a safe distance while preparing a frostfire spell, but the fight wouldn't last long, Daw'gar leapt high and, once he landed on the ground, he unleashed a massive shockwave, empowered by the energy that flowed into his armor, around him, hurling Leugim, Gronak and Saleril away and instantly knocking the orc and the blood elf down, the corpse would land so hard on the ground that he would sink into the earth, only Vivienna managed to stand the mighty blow by leaping higher than the orc did shortly before the shockwave was unleashed, Saulanar warded both him and Nimbus in arcane shields that, although destroyed, managed to avert the lethal portions of the attack. Vivienna, Saulanar and Nimbus thus prepared themselves to battle, the blood elf initiate charged at the orc and landed a cleaving strike across Daw'gar's arms, chest and waist, but again, no damage was done, Daw'gar swiftly answered with a powerful strike of his newfound axe across the elf's body, infusing the strike with the energies contained in the weapon, a large blast ensued as the blade collided with Vivienna's armor, damaging her severely and instantly causing her to fall unconscious over the dry grass, Stripribs prepared himself to land a final blow at the woman, but Nimbus swiftly rolled forward and dragged her away from harm, Daw'gar attempted to follow Nimbus and have a strike at him, the gnome having to avoid the attacks not only for himself, but for the elf he was dragging. This provided enough distraction for Saulanar to finish casting a Mass Teleportation spell, bringing the Legion, Nimbus and himself back to Grey Point.

Now that he wasn't stuck in the underground anymore, Leugim checked on his wounded underlings as Saulanar and Nimbus focused on unpacking the cargo brought by the mules, the huge shipment of swords had been successfully delivered. Leugim then ordered his forces to rest and spend the night at Grey Point due to their wounds, but not before declaring that both initiates Vivianne and Saleril were officially promoted to soldiers.

Gronak, Vivianne and Saleril departed on the dawn of the next day, when Leugim began planning his next move. Not so long after that day, Gronak was promoted to Legionary rank.

Stage 4: Taking the Fields of Blood Edit

Leugim and his allies noticed an increasing activity of the Kor'kron near the Ruins of Taurajo, Leugim prepared himself to call upon the Legion's rogues but Nimbus decided to send one of his Dreadwalkers for that, when questioned about it, Clash explained that their small size would make them excellent stalkers should they stay near or into the bushes. The corpse insisted in calling upon proper rogues, but the Blackjack Guild Master sent his death knights either way, this greatly angered the Commander of the Grey Legion, but reminded Leugim that those two guilds aiding him were independent allies, not soldiers bowing their will to him.


The Kor'kron occupying the Ruins of Taurajo.

The death knights returned surprisingly intact, and reported that, with the confirmation of rebel activity at Grey Point, the forces of Vendetta have anticipated their occupation of Taurajo in hopes of surrounding them. The occupation was still in its extremely early stages and could be prevented if they acted quickly, and that the huge amount of supply crates there could be useful and considerably easy to acquire considering the numbers of their combined forces against the Kor'kron at Taurajo. Nimbus thus suggested that Leugim called some members of the Grey Legion for a massive assault against them, but the Commander harshly denied, stating that he wasn't allowing the Grey Legion to commit the same mistake the gnome and Saulanar did in trusting on numbers and also that he wouldn't permit that his allies charged to recklessly.

Amid their discussion, the camp was approached by a quilboar with a two-handed axe, the ghoulish guards of Grey Point prepared to attack him but were pacified by Leugim, who noticed the difference in the quilboar's approach when compared to the rest of his brethren. The quilboar introduced himself as Mrog Hellflank and claimed to have seen the Grey Legion and the Alliance fending off the Kor'kron from Teegan's Expedition from the shadows of the Overgrowth, the quilboar then proceeded to tell them about how his warband was captured and his people imprisoned, expressing his desire to make a pact with the "outsiders". Saulanar and Nimbus joined the discussion, the two realizing that some of the quilboar imprisoned at the Fields of Blood were aligned to Hellflank and seeing an interesting opportunity in this situation.

Hellflank, thinking that the Horde races in front of him had "realized their mistake of siding with orcs", thus dictated the terms of their pact, the Grey Legion and their allies would rescue the imprisoned quilboar, provide them with weaponry and armor. Then, Mrog would rally them under his leadership and lead them in battle against the Kor'kron alongside the three allied guilds. Finally, once the Kor'kron were expelled, Vendetta Point would be demolished, the outsiders would go away, and the Fields of Blood plus its surroundings would finally return to quilboar control as the natives of the land. Nimbus and Saulanar prepared themselves to deny and remake this pact, but Leugim promptly accepted it, much to their surprise, even saying that the Grey Legion would do its best to see their homeland reclaimed to their rightful owners, which only fueled Hellflank's misconception further. The Legion Commander then said that the swords acquired from Northwatch would be part of the armaments given to the quilboar prisoners when the time came, and that he would have members of the Legion to steal supplies from Taurajo in order to bolster the strength of their possible soon-to-be allies.

When Hellflank left the camp to do some patrolling, Saulanar asked if Leugim truly had any intentions in giving the quilboar their lands back, the corpse answering that it was obvious he wasn't willing to give their lands back to them, merely classifying them as a means to an end. Saulanar grinned and nodded in a silent and respectful manner towards Santangelo before resuming his duties with the Azureseeker Expedition. Nimbus, who was overhearing the talk, was slightly disturbed by the undead's ways, but he would have to accept them if he wished to have his revenge on the Kor'kron, turning against the Grey Legion and possibly the Expedition didn't seem like a good idea at the moment. Hellflank returned to Grey Point some hours later, settling himself at the watch tower.

Meanwhile, Leugim studied the reports brought by Nimbus' Dreadwalkers, and decided that, since Taurajo was relatively weak in comparison to Vendetta Point security-wise, he would have its supplies, mainly weapons and armor, stolen to fuel the incoming quilboar prison break. Thus, he picked up his communicator and was about to issue a call for Grey Legion rogues to infiltrate the camp when Initiate Nehu conveniently asked him if he had anything for her before he'd say anything, the Commander promptly demanded her presence at Grey Point.

Once she arrived, Leugim introduced her to Nimbus Clash and Saulanar Azureseeker, the trio of leaders proceeding to orientate the initiate about the situation they were facing and what had to be done. Suddenly, Mrog leapt from the watch tower, landing in front of Nehu and Leugim with an unusual techinical prowess when compared to most of his people. The quilboar was introduced to Nehu by the Commander, Hellflank then proceeded to speak about how they should have never trusted the orcs and how the green skins were nothing but miserable usurpers and told her of the imprisoned quilboar's position, where she could sneak into and give the ransacked supplies to them. Though initially distrustful towards the quilboar, the initiate seemed to become slightly sympathetic towards his cause to free his people.

Upon being ordered to depart, Nehu sneaked into the shadows and made her way to the Ruins of Taurajo, where she found a considerable number of Kor'kron, though way less than at the expanding Vendetta Point. The woman sneaked in the destroyed inn, where she found three supply crates being watched over an elderly female warrior.


A Kor'kron Warcrone found by Nehu at Taurajo. They are really old orcish women who joined Garrosh's Kor'kron.

The rogue was swift to knock her out, but she did it in a careless manner as she allowed the fainting warcrone to hit the ground with her full weight, causing a loud thud that attracted the attention of a bloodspreader.


A Kor'kron Bloodspreader.

Nehu rapidly sneaked behind the orc and sliced her dagger through his throat while keeping a tight grip over his mouth, the orc, his weak roar being further blocked by Nehu's hand, died shortly after, his corpse being carefully placed in a corner of the room behind the stairs to the inn's second floor, the rogue proceeding to place the fainted warcrone near her dead comrade. The initiate didn't have much time to check on those crates, as one could clearly see them from the inn's entrance, the pandaren rapidly began to try to pick the locks to check on the contents, but she only managed to open one of them, and it was nothing but a crate of meat. Unsure if the other crates were also for food, she stealthed again and went to the center of Taurajo, where several Bloodspreaders and Warcrones roamed alongside some Kor'kron overseers.

Nehu chose a warcrone near where the Flight Master used to be as her first victim, using her abilities with the shadows to cloak both her and the orcish woman in darkness before the other loyalists would notice, while forced into stealth, the warcrone as beaten and her pockets checked by the initiate, who found not one, but two keys that could possibly fit into the locks she failed to pick. However, she was forced to act swiftly again as her cloaking spell would soon vanish, she took the warcrone in her arms and moved her to a corner of the nearby building where the leatherworkers used to be, placing her in a corner outside of the building as if she was sleeping.

The initiate promptly returned to the inn, where she successfully managed to pick the locks, finding a good amount of shields and confiscated Alliance swords mockingly painted red with what seemed to be dry blood. The initiate reported her findings to Leugim through the communicator, the Commander then ordered her to pick up all the three crates and bring it to the tree near the northernmost entrance of Taurajo to meet with one of the Dreadwalkers. Nehu used her shroud of concealment again to hide the crates as he picked them up, the initiate then arrived at the meeting spot behind the tree. A gnomish death knight put her head out of the bush and asked for the crates, recognizing the Dreadwalker as one of the Blackjacks, Nehu nodded and handed it to the gnome, the small undead taking all the crates in her small arms and carrying them to Grey Point, after hearing the voices from the communicator, Leugim questioned Nehu about the current situation, and she reported that the supplies were on their way to Grey Point, the Commander proceeding to order her back at Taurajo to get more supplies.

Upon returning to the ruins, she went to the small destroyed tent in front of the inn, where she found nothing but Kor'kron soldiers resting amid the ruins, the rogue once again grew careless, stabbing their heads with a fan of knives, the soldiers died, but she was nearly forced out of stealth by a Kor'kron assassin who noticed her presence.


A Kor'kron Assassin. One of them nearly revealed Nehu's position.

The pandaren and the orc spent minutes struggling against each other in the darkness of Taurajo, one trying to force the other out of hiding and have their existences ended, but Nehu finally managed to catch the loyalist by the wrist, twist it and slam her knee against the assassin, proceeding to stab her in the throat. As the assassin's dead body fell over the floor, Nehu picked up a small glass vial containing heavily acidic concotions and spread it over the corpses, causing them to melt away until only small dust-like fragments of bones remained, enough to hide evidences of Nehu's arrival. The woman then went to the bigger tent, where tailors and leatherworkers used to be before the camp's destruction by the Alliance, where she found around four more crates and a single bloodspreader taking care of them, after rapidly dispatching the warrior, Nehu began picking the locks, this time, she managed to find out how did the Kor'kron locks work, consequently opening every single crate, finding more confiscated swords, shields, and a good amount of mail armor. After reporting her findings to Leugim, Nehu was ordered to return to Grey Point with them for the next part of their plan.

Nehu handed the crates to Saulanar shortly after arriving, the blood elf and Hellflank working on reorganizing the contents of the crates and adding the blades they acquired from Northwatch in order to create "complete kits" for the rebelling quilboar. Meanwhile, Leugim told Nehu that she was going to get rid of the guards overseeing the prison cells discreetly and would hand as many supply crates as needed for the imprisoned quilboar after picking the locks of their cells and chains, and give them explicit orders to attack only when the call is given.

Once Saulanar and Mrog were done with organizing the kits, the quilboar handed the crates to Nehu and Leugim ordered her to move out.

Nehu approached the first quilboar hut, which was filled with quilboar locked in cells and/or chains and two Kor'kron guards serving as their warden. Nehu would constantly fail to hit any of the wardens, but managed to keep herself hidden, finally, she got rid of the two orcs by planting small goblin charges in front of them and luring them into stepping forward by making a small noise, exploding both of them. However, about four more Kor'kron guards approached in order to check on the explosion sight while looking furiously at the quilboar prisoners, Nehu had to think fast and rapidly garrotted each of them, sneaked into the prison hut and unlocked the cells and chains, handing the supplies to the quilboar. The pig-people eyed Nehu with a blank expression due to their lethargy, despite the sparks of distrust, and snorted weakly. Mrog, hearing their noises from Nehu's communicator, spoke through Leugim's device and told them that the Grey Legion, the "punny elves" and the "midgets" were their allies in their battle against the Kor'kron and that he himself would come to lead them in battle once the time arrived, he then ask them to harness as much hatred and fury as their could during this mean time and abandon the pathetic lethargy they put themselves into, for the time of revenge had come. The Bristleback prisoners recognized Mrog's voice from the communicator and looked at Nehu, proceeding to nod and take the crates with them.

Nehu then moved to the next prison cell, rapidly throwing a smoke bomb and backstabbing the two wardens, which called the attention of other four guards, the pandaren hissed at the consequences of her actions, she had to act faster now, the guards had their rifles pointed at the prisoners. The young rogue make a quick analysis of the orcs' non-armored necks, then shadowstepped behind each of them, stabbing their pressure points, severely wounding them but causing them to faint instantly in silence, she then repeated the same process with the other quilboar, Mrog himself having to intervene through the communicator. Nehu asked if there were any other cells to check in, Hellflank then said that there weren't any other cells, as it hasn't been long since he escaped prison and all he saw were two huts dedicated solely to imprison his brethren.

Nehu returned to Grey Point at Leugim's orders, with the prisoners ready and set, Nimbus and Saulanar stepped to Leugim and Nehu's side, their forces following them. Mrog stood by Nimbus with his arms crossed and Goresnort, his axe, tied to his back, snorting angrily as he asked when were they going to attack, Leugim sighed at the quilboar's eagerness, but told him that, since all the preparations were done, that the attack would begin soon. Before Leugim would give the order, Nimbus and Saulanar thanked the corpse once again for his aid and told him to sit back and watch as the Gnomeregan Blackjacks and the Azureseeker Expedition began repaying the Grey Legion's help with Kor'kron blood, the monk nodded at them and finally gave the order to attack.

Nimbus and Saulanar brandished their blades and charged into battle, the gnome death knights and the blood elven pikewomen following them, it didn't take long for the small army to reach the Fields of Blood, the very sight of the Kor'kron filling them with lust for both blood and vengeance, mainly the Dreadwalkers, who had their natural desire to cause pain and suffering temporarily increased. Saulanar harnessed as much mana as he could to his hands and spread it across his body, empowering himself with great amounts of arcane power and even causing him to increase in size, the strengthened elf charged at a trio of male Kor'kron in amazing speed and beheaded them with a single swing of his arcane-infused sword, a female loyalist jumped and tried to land with her axe on his back, only to be blasted way by a gust of arcane "winds" unleashed by Azureseeker, hurling her at Nimbus, the gnome rapidly cutting her in half with an upward slash of his sword before she'd crash against him, the armies charged at Garrosh's henchmen with the amazing display of their leaders.

Meanwhile, Mrog climbed a hill near the Fields of Blood and roar-snorted in anger, telling that the time of their revenge had arrived, proceeding to yell at them to pick up their weapons and armor and destroy the orcs with "Alliance blades, Horde bulwarks and Bristleback fury".


Mrog leads his brethren against the Kor'kron.

Hellflank slid through the hill and leapt once he was half-way to the bottom of it, landing with a downward slash of Goresnort against a mag'har Kor'kron, the seemingly rugged weapon managing to cut both her helmet and her head, stopping at her neck, Mrog hanged from the axe stuck into the top of the woman's structure, his weight caused her corpse to fall onwards on the ground. After removing Goresnort from the corpse, he witnessed his brethren leaving the huts where they were imprisoned, their clothing replaced for better mail armor and brandishing the Alliance swords and stolen Kor'kron shields, the pig-people wreaking havoc alongside the gnomes and blood elves with their effective swarm attacks, Mrog leapt amid them, his brethren looked at him, and since there was no thornweaver to guide them in battle, the quilboar accepted Hellflank to lead their swarming onslaughts.

Leugim and Nehu observed the battle from Grey Point, staying there to ensure the ghoul guards wouldn't be alone should the Kor'kron from Taurajo attempt an attack, the initiate was thrilled with the sight, stating she never expected to see such a thing so soon in the Legion, Leugim remarked that what was happening was the results of the works of many, and that Nehu was among them.


Leugim and Nehu meet with Mrog, Nimbus and Saulanar, still under the effects of his arcane enhacement.

About an hour later, the last loyalist fell and the forces of Nimbus, Saulanar and Mrog spread across the Fields of Blood, the region was successfully taken from the Kor'kron. Leugim and Nehu approached the battlefield and the three leaders soon walked up to them to thank them for the aid they provided, to the point that Nimbus and Saulanar stated that the Commander could consider the territory their coalition claimed that day was an expansion of his Grey Point. Leugim accepted their offer and turned to Nehu, stating that the Legion's alliance with Hellflank's quilboar wouldn't be sealed without her aid, although he admitted he could have found any other Legion rogue to do it, the initiate was responsible for it and her deeds had not gone unnoticed, Santangelo then proceeded to promote Nehu in front of his three newfound allies, Nimbus and Saulanar nodded approvingly as Mrog merely watched uninterestedly.


Amid a pile of orcish corpses, the Fields of Blood are claimed by Leugim and his allies.

After dismissing Soldier Nehu, Leugim, Saulanar, Nimbus and Mrog moved to one of the prison huts and carved the Grey Legion's standard next to its entrance, marking the expansion of the rebellion's power, that specific hut would serve as the main building of Grey Point, where official meetings would take place and the leading figures of the Grey Legion plus people with their authorization would reside.

After organizing the hut for their own purposes, Nimbus, Saulanar and Mrog began organizing their forces and spreading them around their new territory for proper guard keeping. Meanwhile, Leugim picked up his communicator and announced the names of all Legion members whom he summoned ever since the operation began and congratulated every single one of them for their efforts.

Stage 5: The Battle For Taurajo Edit

The Grey Point has been attacked by the Kor'kron on a daily basis ever since its expansion, but the forces of the coalition always managed to hold them off. However, something seemed wrong, Leugim pointed out that the Kor'kron at Taurajo possessed a strategic advantage since it was relatively close to the original portion of the base where Leugim's ghoul guards were, which could easily support the Kor'kron reclaimers with a back attack. The Legion Commander, unwilling to allow this to happen, called for able-bodied Legion members through the communicator, the call of duty being heard by the initiates Shardelise, She'fei and Tanadria.

While the trio was on their way to Grey Point, Leugim had a brief meeting with Nimbus, Saulanar and Mrog, and they decided that their coalition would divide themselves into two fronts, the gnomes, blood elves and quilboar would focus on defending Grey Point from the Kor'kron invaders coming from Vendetta while the Grey Legion focused on attacking the Ruins of Taurajo.

As soon as the two blood elves and the pandaren initiates arrived, Leugim grunted in worry. Although he didn't show it, he wasn't sure if a simple quartet would be able to deal with a Kor'kron-filled base camp, considering how the Blackjacks and the Azureseeker Expedition were massacred. But then he remembered what he told to the other two leaders about numbers, how they don't matter. Leugim recalled he was leading a strike force of the Grey Legion, former Horde military, a force to be reckoned. As the monk spoke to the initiates and explained the situation, he slowly became more confident in that operation, and gave the order to move out.

Upon arriving at the first half of Grey Point, the corpse spotted the northernmost entrance of the ruins, the one that faces the Grey Legion's base, very well protected, thus the Legion began circling around Taurajo from a safe distance, finally invading the camp through the western portion of the ruins, where the destroyed wall plus demolished tent provided an easy entrance. Shortly after arriving at the seemingly unguarded "entrance", an assassin sneaked behind the quartet, attempting to sweep their legs, but the Legion's reflexes were sharp and they managed to avoid it, then the same hidden assassin attempted to backstab each one of them, but failed again, the Legion avoiding the ambush once again. However, when the Legion looked around them, they found themselves surrounded by a quintet Bloodspreaders.

As the ensuing fight raged on, She'fei threw some sort of salt-like grains at two of the loyalists, using her Chi abilities, the pseudo grains exploded, a thick smoke ensuing, all that was left were their corpses once the smokes settled, swollen and dehydrated ones, part of the smoke ended up spreading to another nearby loyalist, but he managed to step away, though not fast enough to see a similar thing happen to his left arm. Ignoring the three remaining Kor'kron, Leugim remarked that She'fei's double kill managed to break the surrounding and opened a breach, ordering them to advance deeper into Taurajo.

The battle proceeded to the center of the base camp, the three remaining Bloodspreaders joining other four while a quintet of Warcrones plus three Dark Shaman helped surround the Legion again, despite the situation, the Legion was all but afraid and Leugim ordered the slaughter of the loyalists.


A Kor'kron Dark Shaman.

Shardelise opened the battle by charging at the Dark Shaman, cleaving the stomach of the orc in the middle and making him fall over a pool of his own blood, the two remaining Dark Shaman attempted to blast her away by unleashing a combined burst of corrupted lava at her, but both blasts were swated away by the elf's blade. Meanwhile, Tanadria charged at the Bloodspreaders, the orcs charged back at her but she passed by them and killed one of the orcs who were left behind by stabbing his stomach with her blade, the stab was so deep that it reached his spine and shattered it, the remaining Bloodspreaders attempted to charge back at the elf and surround her, but she managed to step away. As the Warcrones made their way to attack the Legion, She'fei used her twisted abilities with Chi to siphon the life out of one of them, causing the elder warrior to fall motionles over the ground, which only increased the survivors' fury, charging at She'fei and and unleashing furious strikes with her axes at her, the pandaren managed to avoid a few, but was still damaged. Meanwhile, Leugim rose his hand and unleashed a barrage of Crackling Jade Lightning against all loyalists, but it only hit a single Bloodspreader while the others like him blocked the blast with their shields, the Warcrones rolled away of every single lightning directed at them and the Dark Shaman forcefully drained the powers of the Earth around them and encased themselves in absorption shields of earthen power.

Suddenly, four orcish assassins appeared from the shadows and backstabbed both She'fei and Shardelise, Tanadria soon intervened by charging at one of the assassins, her blade piercing the stomach of one of the female ambushers, killing her instantly, however, Tanadria's recklessness brought both her and the orcish corpse to the ground, the assassins soon surrounded her and immobilized her, proceeding to slash and stab her as much as they could only to have one of the cleaved in half by Shardelise. The Bloodspreaders then attempted a simultaneous charge, attempting to tackle down the members of the Legion and crush them like a stampede, forcing the assassins and Warcrones away while the Legion dodged the offensives, She'fei jumping away while Tanadria rolled and Shardelise ran out of their way while Leugim rolled between the legs of most of the charging Bloodspreaders, rising behind them. She'fei used more of her explosive grains at the Warcrones, the ensuing dehydrating explosion killing two of them while Shardelise pierced through the flesh of the two remaining Dark Shaman with a single swing of her axe before they could finish casting a barrage of corrupted lightning, ripping off the inner portions of their sternum while Tanadria charged at the Bloodspreaders and rapidly stabbed the throat of one of them before they could think of another attack, their simultaneous counterattack being too slow to actually hit the paladin. Shardelise was then ambushed by the assassins, brought down, disarmed from her axe and stabbed furiously by them, suddenly, the elf unleashed roared so angrily that it briefly interrupted their concentration, these small seconds being enough for the elf to grapple her weapon back and disenage from the women, destroying the remaining assassins with a furious Bladestorm that opened deep cuts in their stomachs, cleaving one of them in a half. The Bloodspreaders then proceeded to charge at the Legion, but two of them had their life siphoned by the twisted Chi abilities of She'fei while their targets stood out of the way of their charge. Seizing their near tripping, Shardelise rapidly destroyed the ribs of one of the Bloodspreaders with a series of cleaving strikes.

Leugim then leapt and bursted the head of the remaining one with a flying kick of his plated boot to the orc's face, when that happened, one of the warcrones yelled in despair, it was her son that the monk had just killed, Leugim did nothing but grin while looking at her, the elder warrior then charged desperately, willing to avenge her lost son, her only "child", Leugim's grin widened as he enhanced his fists with Chi to lift the orcish corpse and hurl it against the woman with all his strength, the sounds of bones being cracked and broken as the elder was crushed by her own son's corpse as she was forced into the ground by his immense weight, dying shortly after, which merely made Leugim react with an unusually genuine cackle of pleasure before looking at the remaining warcrone, who was in shock and surrounded by the Legion. Still filled with nearly mindless bloodlust, Leugim, thrilled by having an enemy's fate at his hands, ordered Initiate Tanadria to execute the remaining elder, the elf promptly nodded and charged, brutally piercing the old loyalist with her sword, the blade ravaging flesh, muscle, bone and organs alike, the orc coughing and vomiting blood as the elf forced the dying enemy to her knees and then slowly removed the sword from her body, causing thick amounts of more blood to ooze from the hole in her belly, the elder died after a failed attempt to rise, resulting in the warcrone falling on her back before dying, a ridiculous sight.

Despite not seeing any remaining living Kor'kron at Taurajo, Leugim ordered the initiates to check on every single portion of the ruins for possible hidden survivors, telling them to meet him at the center of the base camp once they were done. The initiates returned around ten minutes later, finding nothing but a few supplies that Shardelise discovered, which were swiftly shipped to Sen'jin Village by having the elf's red proto-drake mount carry them to Durotar at the Commander's orders.

With their apparent victory, the Grey Legion was about to leave Taurajo when they heard loud barks and fast steps, sounds made by worgs. The Legion thus hid themselves behind the biggest tent, where leatherworkers and tailors used to be, observing what was to come. Mounted on their worg mounts, a whole battalion of Kor'kron led by Balrocia Dreadhowl, who was accompained by Daw'gar Stripribs and Herzog Felwrath, a warlock warrior, arrived at Taurajo.

Balrocia arrived shouting orders for the forces at Taurajo to line up in front of her and began speaking about the need to organize an assault from behind against Grey Point so that the Kor'kron from Vendetta could have better chances of reclaiming the Fields of Blood...only to realize she was speaking to a crowd of corpses, Daw'gar had already noticed but decided to not say anything just for the pleasure of having his hated overseer looking like a fool while Herzog seemed both shocked and nervous. Angered at the fact that Taurajo had been emptied of all loyalist life, Balrocia turned to Herzog, whom she had left in charge of the forces at the ruins as a test of leadership so that he could be promoted, and aggressively called him names, among them was "liar", for he had guaranteed that his forces were properly settled and armed and would be able to stand an assault during the small time he had taken to go to Vendetta Point to discuss about the back attack plans against Grey Point. Balrocia didn't even allow Herzog to answer, calling him a shame to Hellscream's cause and the orcish race, then proceeding to tell him that things were fine when Taurajo was claimed, but she received news that supplies were stolen shortly after Herzog was appointed as the one to oversee the camp. More than that, the stolen supplies were later found being wielded by the quilboar prison break that bolstered the ranks of the invading coalition at the Fields of Blood, which only made Felwrath even more nervous. Dreadhowl then slid down from her worg and beheaded Herzog's mount with a single swing of her axes, brutally pulling the warlock warrior by the neck from the dead canine's back and, staring at his eyes, she demanded a reason for her to not get rid of him, as Herzog hesitantly opened his mouth to speak, the Kor'kron Overseer let his neck go and brought him down with a brutal frontal kick to his chest, then threw her left axe right at his face, instantly killing him as the blade ravaged its way to break his skull.

Daw'gar questioned if they should occupy the base camp again, Balrocia took a deep breath and shook her head, saying that it was a mistake to conquer Taurajo without Vendetta Point being properly expanded and fortified and that it cost not only their domain over the Fields of Blood, but many orcish lives were wasted as well. Thus, she demanded that they moved out and focused on their efforts to reclaim the Fields of Blood. The battalion left after Daw'gar nodded and Balrocia hopped on her worg again.

Once the sounds of the worgs was gone, which indicated they were too far away from Taurajo, Leugim and the Legion slowly made their way back to the center of the ruins and ordered them to rally the corpses of the fallen and ship them to Grey Point. However, a sudden dark purple glow came from Herzog's dead chest, suddenly, the glow became an aura that spread across the orcish corpse and then developed into a pillar of darkness, the dead orc would begin to hover, calling the Legion's attention and having Leugim give them the order to prepare themselves. The aura then vanished, the corpse suddenly removed the axe that broke his skull with his left hand and hurled it away, flesh and bone mending back into perfect condition, the orc's white eyes opened shortly after and a burst of darkness ensued around him before he fell on his feet and brandished his warglaives. Herzog wasn't sure about who or what destroyed his forces, but the Legion's presence at Taurajo shortly after his own death made him suspicious of them. Unwilling to investigate it and seeing enemies of the Warchief in them, Herzog attacked, hellbent to avenge himself and his military career.

Herzog charged at the group only to be intercepted by Shardelise's spinning blade right at his stomach, Felwrath's plate armor absorbing most impact though the sword managed to pierce part of it and open a light wound on his flesh, the warlock soon proceeded to ravage the elf with a flurry of strikes from his warglaives, his furious blows meeting the warrior's blade several times, however, a brief moment of carelessness of the elf caused both warglaives to slice through her armor and cut her stomach, Tanadria swiftly stepped between them and swated the warglaives away from Shardelise with an upward sword swing, the paladin proceeded to attempt to blast Herzog with Light only to have the warlock cut the blast in a half with his left glaive and blast Tanadria away with a bolt of chaotic energy to her stomach. Meanwhile, She'fei harnessed her twisted Chi abilities and unleashed more salt grain-like substances at the orc's face, the ensuing explosion scorching and deforming his face greatly, the orc growled and grabbed the pandaren by the neck, hurling her afterwards and throwing his glaives at the witch, the weapons would hover around the pandaren while she was mid-air, shooting her with blasts of fel. Leugim stepped in and slammed his plated boot against the orc's chest armor with a frontal kick, as the corpse would proceed to land further blows, the orc grabbed Leugim by the foot and slammed him against the ground, She'fei finally came to the ground and the warglaives hovered its back to their master's hands right afterwards.

Although the two sides seemed to be evenly matched, or even that Herzog had an advantage over the quartet, the Grey Legion group eventually managed to overpower the orc. Grievously wounded and close to death, Herzog encased himself in a shield of fel and leapt backwards, beginning to hover as demonic power was channeled into his body, his warglaives would then shoot fel green beams at the ground, summoning portals spawning from the point of impact and being sustained by the channeled beams. From the portal, dozens of mace-wielding Felguards stepped in and attacked the Legion. Shardelise growled and ran amid the small army of demons, her Bladestorm attack managing to cut five Felguards in a half, a quintet of the demons soon approached her and attempted to tackle the elf, but the warrior rolled away, Tanadria kneeled down as she saw the considerable horde of demons, desperately muttering hasty and scared prayers to the Light, her calls being answered as a beam of Light descended from the sky above them and pulverized five Felguards, the remnants of the holy energy causing the demons to step away from the paladin, one of them did try to hit her by hurling his mace at her, but the elf managed to avoid it. Meanwhile, She'fei attempted to use her life siphoning abilities on as many Felguards as she could, successfully draining ten felguards of their whole essences, the ensuing absorption of demonic energies causing her to hiss and agonize in pain, but the witch kept her ground while Leugim stretching his left arm and snapping his fingers, a tornado of Chi sprouting from his hand and rushing its way towards the demons, successfully sucking a quintet of them into it, the tornado made its way back to Leugim, the corpse hurling himself inside it and bursting their heads with a brutal Spinning Crane Kick of his plated boot, the demons suddenly surrounded the corpse and proceeded to bring their maces down at him, Leugim was brought down and brutally spanked by the mace blows, every shield of Chi he channeled was swiftly broken, though the brief absorption spared him of any damage beyond repair. Shardelise roared and stomped the ground, unleashing a powerful shockwave that managed to destroy another quintet as another ten more Felguards came from both portals, the demons then stopped focusing solely on Leugim and surrounded the whole Grey Legion, the battle getting more desperate by the moment. Tanadria hurled yet another blast of Light at the demons, but one of them managed to swat it away with a homerun of his mace, three Felguards, leapt in the paladin's direction and brought her to the ground, proceeding to stomp her and slam their weapons against her, the siege would be broken by She'fei, who would drain fifteen Felguards of their corrupted essences, the increasing corruption absorbed by the pandaren increasing the pain that the vile energies were inflicting her, but the initiate had plans for them. Meanwhile, Leugim growled and leapt away from the remaining Felguards who surrounded him, landing at the center of the group with a descending spinning attack of both his axes, which failed to hit any targets, the Felguards charged at him, but the corpse erected a massive Chi barrier that halted their tackles. The numbers of demons decreased and increased over time, but they were eventually reduced to a lone quintet of demons, which gave the Legion chances to attack Herzog and break his shield to interrupt the channeling of his portal, but all of their attempts failed, the fel shield was too strong.

It was then that Tanadria and Leugim decided to attack the portals themselves, the paladin attacked the left one by unleashing a beacon of Light directly inside it, which blasted all the Felguards who were about to come from it and, upon contact with the portal's essence, caused a small explosion due to the clash between Fel and Light, the portal dispersed shortly after, however, the Light managed to make its way through the fel beam that kept the portal active, pulling the demonic powers and eventually clashing against the shield while pressing the beam against the barrier, the sheer impact of both antagonizing power sources finally damaging the shield. Meanwhile, Leugim attacked the right portal by erecting a barrier of Chi around the demonic "gate", as the barrier expanded from within the portal, it pushed the fel beam away from it, the loss of contact between the glaive's beam and the portal causing the gate to disappear while Leugim made the barrier burst, the impact forcing the fel beam directly into the shield, the impact again damaging the shield. She'fei then harnessed a massive amount of Chi in her hands, unleashing an enhanced burst of energy that pulverized the remaining Felguards and made its way against the shield, as the shield was already weakened, the strong burst finished Leugim and Tanadria's work in finally breaking it, the orc kept hovering, though, he seemed to be in an aggresively meditative state as his hands siphoned the demonic essence of the dead bodies of the Felguards plus the dispersed fel energies from the destroyed portals into him, in a matter of seconds, the orc's figure darkened as the infusion of fel energy made the runes in his chest plate glow immensely, a wind gust-like blast of energy suddenly knocked the Legion away from the warrior warlock, Herzog's muscle mass increasing drastically as his teeth became sharper and his tusks not only increased in size, but also acquired two extra pairs, Felwrath's empty white eyes began glowing red as spikes began sprouting around his body, mainly his spine, and fel flames spread across his head, pulverizing his hair and beard while not only cauterizing the wounds caused by She'fei, but also deforming them back to their original state before twisting his expression into something both primal and demonic, a torrent of felfire sprouted from his shoulder plate, his increasing mass and the surge of power forcing the armor to expand while his skin went from black to a dark tone of crimson. Felwrath was now a fel orc.

Herzog Felwrath (Demon Form)

After the Legion slaughtered the hordes of Felguards he summoned, Herzog absorbed their essences and transformed.

With his transformation concluded in less than five seconds, the orc landed brutally on his feet and brandished his warglaives, his furious roar issuing a challenge against the Legion. Shardelise answered by charging at the orc and attempting to slice him in his hand, but the orc blocked the blow with his right warglaive, retaliating by stretching his left arm forward, a barrage of shadowflames sprouting from his palm, the warrior hissed as the dark energy began scorching her, but Tanadria rapidly stepped in and stabbed the fel orc in the right foot to both distract him from his casting and prevent him to reach Shardelise, the paladin then jumped as soon as Herzog looked down, stabbing his armpit afterwards. The fel orc, despite the incredible pain, didn't demonstrate any emotion, counterattacking by merely picking her up the neck and hurling her upwards, shooting the paladin with a barrage of fel blasts from his warglaives as he kept swinging them against the air while Tanadria was mid-air. In order to free the paladin from the torment, She'fei harnessed all the fel energy she absorbed from the Felguards and combined with her Chi, unleashing a sphere-shaped burst against the warlock, however, all Herzog did was throw his warglaives away, the weapons began hovering above him afterwards, and hold the blast with his left hand, proceeding to hurl it back at the caster, shortly after She'fei was hit in the stomach by her own spell and Herzog absorbed the disperesed fel energies, Leugim leapt forward and attempted to slam his foot against the orc's face with a flying kick, but the warlock surprisingly blocked the blow with a headbutt against Leugim's foot, proceeding to grab it and then slam him against the ground before until he sank into it, meanwhile, the Legion was forced to dodge the immense amount of fel lightning-like blasts unleashed by the warlock's hovering warglaives. Shardelise attempted to charge the orc again, but he rapidly turned to the elf and backhanded her, blasting her away with a simple bolt of shadows as he proceeded to roll away from another of Tanadria's blasts of Light, his warglaives flew back to his hands as he charged at the paladin, unleashing a brutal Fel Bladestorm, the spinning glaive strikes denting the whole of the initiate's armor while the demonic energies blasted her away, the impact Tanadria's fall on the ground resulting in the paladin being knocked out, She'fei attempted to siphon Felwrath's life in the same way she did with the demons, however, the orc wasn't affected by it, and proceeded to drain the pandaren from her own essence with a life draining fel spell, Leugim propelled himself off the ground and then stomped forward, trying to hit the orc in his chest with a dual strike of his axes before trying a rising kick against the warlock's chin, however, Felwrath remained unaffected and was about to counterattack when the wounds in his foot and armpit worsened from his effort in battle and the excessive demonic energies putrifying his body, the fel orc fell on his knees and roared in pain, but wasn't willing to yield, he teleported himself away and reappeared behind Shardelise, his hands glowing purple, the orc roared as he carved his glaives on the ground and unleashed an incredible cone torrent of felflames against the remaining Legion, Shardelise managed to avoid it by leaping and landing behind the warlock, She'fei took the full might of the blast, being forced against the ground as the flames began scorching her, also making her faint while the flames made its way to engulf her, Leugim managed to encase himself in a thick shield of Chi that absorbed part of the blow, the corpse was forced to roll away once his shield was destroyed. Before the blast could do any lethal harm to She'fei, Shardelise attacked from behind, two swift furious cleaves that removed his legs from his body, causing him to fall and interrupting his channeling, the blood elf would then slam her sword against the fallen fel orc's arms until they were also mutilated, as Leugim stepped forward and charged his foot with Chi and prepared himself to stomp the warlock, but the two warglaives suddenly began hovering again and made their way to their master, one of them hit Leugim's foot and parried his stomp, however, the weapon ended up being catched by Leugim while the other managed to reach Herzog's grip safely.

WoWScrnShot 061713 054602

The Grey Legion preparing to land the final blow against Herzog during his vain Metamorphosis.

Without half of his body, the dying orc enveloped himself in a black-purple cocoon-shaped cloud of demonic energy, suddenly, wings, arms with clawed hands and legs with hooves instead of feet sprouted from the cloud as it leapt high in the air and began flapping its wings to keep itself there, the cloud would then make the shape of a more slender orc and horns emerged from his head and his warglaive came out of his chest, being grabbed by his right hand. The orc's fury and despair caused him to transform into a nearly fully demonic creature, however, his fate was sealed either way, for as he transformed one more time, Leugim began tapping in the corrupted energies of his confiscated warglaive and mixed it with his Chi, unleashing a massive healing spell to revitalize both She'fei and Tanadria, the corpse then ordered the transforming orc's demise.

Tanadria raised her hands, a polearm-shaped beam of Light spawned above the hovering deformed orc and pierced the back of his neck and exploded, forcing him back to the ground as She'fei harnessed Chi to her hands and shaped the energy like knives, the pandaren charged at the fallen warlock and began a furious flurry of stabs against him, the pain of the Light in his heavily corrupted body rendering him unable to move, his snarls and roars of pain being his only reactions, meanwhile, Leugim rushed with a Chi-charged right fist and unleashed a heavy punch against the orc's chest, the ensuing burst of energy forcing the mutilated orc out of the demonic body he created, the carcass dispersed shortly after. As his useless body fell on the ground, the last thing Herzog saw was a heavily wounded Shardelise slowly stepping to him, the elf proceeding to turn his body to shreds, despair, fear, and anger consuming him as what remained of his limbs, his organs and head were removed and destroyed. Herzog Felwrath met definite death.

After discarding and destroying the warglaive he confiscated plus crushing the other one under his plated foot, Commander Leugim used some limited healing to mend his underlings' wounds further, which was enough for them to mount up and move back to Grey Point, Santangelo allowed the three initiates to spend the night at his hut as they recovered after congratulating them for their efforts. Before he left the hut to let them sleep, Leugim ordered them to use what remained of their strength to shout out their full names, which the two blood elves and the pandaren did. However, although their names were obviously correct, the Commander said they were wrong, and demanded that they called themselves "Soldiers" before anything, declaring the three initiates' promotions.

Finally, Leugim left the three to sleep at the hut and asked Mrog Hellflank to gather his quilboar to go to the Ruins of Taurajo and ship the corpses to Grey Point for the Commander had plans for them, a vicious grin opened in the swine-man's face, the idea of orcish corpses being violated pleased him greatly, thus he rallied a quintet of his brethren and did as Leugim requested.

Intermission: Leugim's New Plan Edit

On the next day, Leugim went to Sen'jin Village to oversee the initation of a few people within the Legion, leaving Grey Point under the watch of his allies and was ready to return to Grey Point once he had served his purpose there, but he stumbled upon Volu'golok, an orcish death knight of the Legion who had gone missing and had recently returned. The corpses had a brief talk about the death knight's absence, and Volu'golok expressed his eagerness to restart his work for the Legion, which attracted Leugim's ambition and had him reveal a plan he kept for himself throughout the whole operation. Leugim had Volu'golok accompany him back to the Legion's base at the Southern Barrens, where the Commander introduced the undead orc to a pile of his brethren's corpses, a pile of dead Kor'kron. Leugim said that, in order to bolster the rebel ranks at Southern Barrens and further avoid bringing high numbers of Legion members to the region for being concerned that a second disaster would happen if he did so, he would have the Legion's death knights raise the fallen loyalists in undeath, although they'd turn into a basic type of undead, their skills with weaponry and their vast numbers would already be more than enough, then gave the order for Volu'golok to raise them.

The necromantic energies of the death knight caused most of the corpses' flesh to burst, leaving only enough to carry limited amounts of heavy gear, and the skeletons roared furiously as they got off each other. The skeletons assembled in front of their master, Volu'golok, who promptly ordered them to serve the Commander of the Grey Legion, the undead thus began regarding the monk as their leader and followed his orders. After doing his work, Leugim dismissed Volu'golok, who promptly made his way back to Sen'jin Village.


Some of the Risen Kor'kron.

From that point on, Grey Point would receive the corpses of loyalists that had fallen in the Grey Legion's other operations and in defense of the base camp against the Kor'kron, the corpses that were in suitable conditions were rallied in a pile and risen as skeletons by the Grey Legion's death knights, as the Commander didn't trust Clash's Dreadwalkers enough for the task.

With a considerable number of skeletons under his command, Leugim had appointed a few of them to be his Elite Guard, the skeletal orcs tasked with protecting the hut where the leading forces of the rebel coalition resided.

Stage 6: Fighting Fire With Fire - The Quest Edit

Ever since his battle with Daw'gar Stripribs, Leugim began studying means of countering the orc's overwhelming arsenal, and came to the conclusion that, to defeat someone equipped with gear forged using titan artifacts, one must fight fire with fire. Thus, he sent a handful of gnomes and blood elves to scout titan facilities of Ulduar and Uldaman to search for any potential artifact. Days later, Saulanar offered himself to lead an expeditionary force to Pandaria and search the continent for useful objects, which Leugim accepted. Thus, Azureseeker rallied twelve of his soldiers and departed to the new continent.

Operation: Kun-Lai Edit

Saulanar and his blood elves eventually tracked down a warband of nineteen mogu at the isle of Shan'ze Dao of Townlong Steppes. By use of an invisibility ward, they spied on the group as they fended off a party of Alliance adventurers and Shado-Pan attackers, Saulanar noticed that their leader possessed abilities akin to what he saw from Daw'gar back at the Southern Barrens, and decided to keep an eye on them. Once the adventurers and the pandaren were annihilated, the mogu warband proceeded to move to the shores of the isle, where they hopped on their twisted cloud serpents, flying away. The Azureseeker Expedition gave chase, mounted on subdued cloud serpents, and attacked the mogu group once they were high enough in the air, an aerial battle ensued, the dogfight between the blood elves and the mogu bringing them to Kun-Lai Summit. Saulanar's serpent managed to shoot the warband's leader, Haungse, off his mount, making the mogu fall from a deadly height, as soon as his underlings distracted themselves in an attempt to save their leader, Saulanar's forces inflicted as many casualties as they could, which made Haungse's forces fail in reacing their leader to rescue him. Using a strange source of power, Haungse pulled his cloud serpent to him, his weight during the fall, however, was too much for the enslaved reptile to endure, thus both crashed against the ground at the Vale of Emperors in front of Emperor Rikktik's Rest, the serpent was utterly reduced to a plie of splattered organs, flesh, bone and blood, but its hulking body was enough to mitigate the damage of its rider's fall as he crashed on it.

As Haungse rose from the ground and composed himself, the serpent mounts of his men fell around him, and the corpses of some of them too, the survivors avoided death by falling over their companions' or mounts' corpses. Enraged by the blood elves' insolence, the mogu stretched his left arm and opened his hand, the blue crystals in his armor began to shine and so did his hand. Suddenly, a torrent of lightning came out of Haungse's finger tips and palm and killed all twelve enemy cloud serpents in a single blast. In order to avoid his forces' demise, Saulanar empowered them all with a Slow Fall spell and rendered them invisible with another arcane incantation. Haungse scowled at Saulanar's use of magic and ordered his forces to scout the area where they fell, the warband leader himself joining the scout afterwards. It didn't take long for Haungse to finally see through Saulanar's invisibility spell, as his affinity with magic surpassed the elf's by far, and attack him. Saulanar and Haungse engaged in a duel while the other blood elves and mogu fought each other. Haungse's powerful attacks made Saulanar realize that the mogu did possess what the rebels wanted, and made a mental note that the artifact was forged into his opponent's armor as it kept shining before every empowered attack. Azureseeker's speed to avoid most of Haungse's attack was the sole thing that saved him from the brutal warlord, meanwhile, the blood elves began inflicting casualties in the ranks of their mogu enemies and pushed them all the way to the Shrine of the Merciless One, the duel between Saulanar and Haungse at Emperor Rikktik's Rest was interrupted once the warlord noticed the blood elves were in advantage, and ran for his underlings' aid. Empowered by the aura of their leader's presence, the surviving mogu managed to even the scales of the conflict. Saulanar thus used the best of his arcane weaving to strengthen his own forces, and the forces of Azureseeker managed to surround them inside the Shrine of the Merciless One, however, the blood elves weren't able to enter it and finish their jobs, for the mogu managed to repel them and the small space would cause their deaths at the hands of Haungse's empowered blows.

Thus, Saulanar kept some distance to the shrine, his forces surrounding the proximities to it to avoid any possible escape, surrounded and halted the siege, he then opened a portal to Grey Point, from where he spoke directly to Leugim and warned the commander that the most important "reagent" for the coalition's creation was found. Thus, Leugim went through the portal and joined the blood elven group. Both blood elven and mogu forces reached a stalemate, the mogu couldn't leave the shrine for the blood elves would kill them and Warlord Haungse would be the sole possible survivor, while the blood elves couldn't enter the shrine for the mogu would use the small space for their advantage and obliterate them.

However, Leugim dismissed this notion completely and ordered for a massive final attack, which was ultimately denied Azureseeker. Thus, Leugim called for Legion reinforcements, but all the guild had available at the was the pandaren overseer couple Tsukia and Suke of the Wovenleaf family. Once the pandaren duo arrived, Leugim briefed them in the situation while Saulanar resisted the urge to further express his lack of agreeance with the plan, he thought that two pandaren wouldn't make a difference in the current situation, then he remembered his forces' reports about Pazie alone rescuing them and Nehu's efforts in supplying the quilboar prison break. Thus, he reluctantly agreed with Leugim's decision.

Haungse's Forces

Haungse's Forces were composed of swordsmen (left) and pikemen (right).

Once Leugim was done speaking to Suke and Tsukia, the Legion Commander ordered the pandaren duo to follow him then told Saulanar to rally his blood elves, finally barking the order to attack. As soon as the steps of the blood elves approaching the shrine were heard by the mogu, Warlord Haungse oredered his underlings to attack, the blood elven and mogu forces clashed outside of the shrine. Saulanar and his elves managed to trick most of the mogu into attacking them, telling Leugim, Tsukia and Suke to go ahead and finish whatever mogu remained and attack Haungse.

As the commander and the two overseers of the Grey Legion advanced amid the fighting elves and mogu, they were greeted by a quartet of Haungse's henchmen, two swordsmen and two pikemen. Leugim hurled himself forward and attempted to slam their faces simultaneously with a Spinning Crane Kick, but the mogu group stepped away to dodge, a swordsman rapidly charged at Leugim in an attempt to slice him across the waist, but the monk was faster and leapt away. Although a failure of an attack, Leugim's advance distracted the quartet enough for Suke to hurl two blasts of Chi at them, one directed at the first swordsman that attacked the Commander and hurling him away upon impact while the first pikeman staggered hard from the attack that hit his ribcage, that same pikeman leapt and attempted to land with his spear on Suke's chest, but Tsukia stood between them, rapidly slashing the mogu's arm with her bladed fist weapons, causing it to fall off, forcing the pikeman to stop his charge and grab his polearm from his mutilated arm, giving enough time for Suke to divide himself in two spirits of Earth and Storm, the earthly spirit ran towards the swordsman Suke had previously blasted while the second swordsman attempted to stand between them only to have Leugim intercept the attempt with a Flying Serpent Kick of his plated boot to the mogu's face, forcing him to stay away from Suke's onslaught and deal with the commander, thus the earthly spirit resumed its advance, using its strong fist to punch through the first swordsman's armor, the remainder of the collision impact being enough to cause vibrations that shattered the mogu's spine bones. Meanwhile, Tsukia engaged the one-armed pikeman, the mogu eventually managed to slam the hilt of his spear on her face and grab her by the neck, but she managed to disengage before the mogu would start squeezing and, rapidly brandishing her bladed fist weapons (which she calls katars), managed to sever the mogu's other arm, the Storm Spirit of Suke seized the opportunity and jumped, slamming its thundering fist over the pikeman's head, unleashing Crackling Jade Lightning upon impact, which forced the mogu into heavy convulsions that resulted in his death, the spirits reassembled back into Suke shortly after, while Tsukia and Suke finished their opponents, Leugim engaged the second swordsman and pikeman, constantly parrying their sword and spear strikes with his axes and light kicks of his plated boots, Tsukia charged her katars with Chi and ran in their direction, beheading the pikeman with a rising strike of her blades while Leugim used the fallen mogu's polearm to stab the swordsman's skull.

The blood elves of Saulanar were surprisingly succeeding in inflicting some casualties on the mogu ranks, and, once Haungse spotted the approach of Leugim, Suke and Tsukia, the warlord ordered his men to regroup into the shrine. Thus the mogu forces disengaged from their elven enemies the best way they could and made their way back to the shrine, however, the combined efforts of Leugim, Tsukia, Suke and Saulanar rapidly worked on thinning their ranks. A pikeman passed by Leugim only to have his skull shattered by the monk as he threw one of his axes at the back of the mogu's head, Tsukia then charged her katars with so much Chi that the blades started to heat up, then she jumped and landed over a swordsman's back and pierced his shoulders with them, bringing him down and finishing him with a stab to the skull, meanwhile, Saulanar teleported himself and appeared in front another pikeman, rapidly freezing the mogu's legs and arms in thick ice before blasting his nostrils with missile-like blasts of arcane. In a few seconds, most of the retreating mogu were intercepted and killed, a single one managing to reach the shrine only to be grabbed by the neck and have it snapped by a maddened Haungse.

As the Azureseeker blood elves regrouped and surrounded the shrine, Saulanar recklessly charged into it despite Leugim's warnings not to do so, the blood elf battle-mage was rapidly blasted off with a single energy burst of Haungse, landing on his back a few yards from the Grey Legion trio. After helping Saulanar to rise to his feet, Leugim, Suke and Tsukia stared into the shrine and spotted Haungse, his body emanating a strange blue aura as the azure crystals in his armor shone alongside his white pulsing veins, the quartet thus ran into the shrine, determined to bring the warlord down.

Haungse the Grey3

Tsukia, Saulanar, Suke and Leugim about to challenge Haungse, the Grey.

As soon as they entered, Haungse admitted that he was slightly impressed with them, seeing how they decimated his whole warband, then proceeded to question them about what they wanted with him, Saulanar merely answered he had something they wanted and Leugim broke the conversation by giving the order to attack. Suke ran in the mogu's direction, Haungse attempted to slice the incoming monk, but the monk jumped and landed on his blade, slashing the warlord across the chest, surprisingly, although he seemed damaged, only a small line-like mark showed signs of damage after energy sparks emanated from the wounded spot's flesh, Suke rapidly jumped from the mogu's blade, landing behind him and standing defiantly in front of him, Haungse turned to Suke with a spinning strike of his sword, proceeding to punch the pandaren against the mogu statue in the shrine, Tsukia seized the opportunity and, after heating up her katars with Chi, leapt on Haungse's back and carved her weapons in his shoulders, proceeding to channel crackling lightning into him, Haungse merely grunted as his flesh was torn open and didn't seem far too much disturbed, although damaged, by the chi lightning unleashed into him, the mogu struggled brutally and grabbed Tsukia, hurling her with all his strength at the ground, the overseer landing near the entrance, however, this attack not only damaged Haungse slightly but also bought time for Leugim who, seizing the distraction, landed with a flying kick of his plated boot on the warlord's nose, rapidly using his face for support shortly after impact to propel himself upwards, landing behind the mogu with a downward slice of chi-charged axes across the warlord's back, an angered Haungse turned to the Commander and attempted to slam the corpse against the mogu statue in the shrine with a frontal kick, however, Leugim jumped over the warlord's leg and leapt back to where he was. Saulanar snapped his fingers, conjuring three mirror images to join him in his attack, the quarted started running around the warlord in an attempt to confuse him and strike once he laid his guard down, however, the warlord swiftly found and grabbed the real Azureseeker by the neck, squeezing brutally as he called his people's grasp at magic primitive and that he didn't stand a chance against those naturally born to it before hurling the battle-mage against the wall to the left with such brute strength that the elf instantly fainted as soon as he hit it, his motionless body falling over his face shortly after.

Haungse's sword the began to emit a whitish blue glow as the mogu's veins shone and pulsed and the crystals let out an azure flash, the mogu then started spinning around with his blade in hands, suddenly, the energy in his sword would pull Leugim, Suke and Tsukia to him, forcing them against the spinning blade and opening considerable cuts around them. The battle raged for hours and, although initially well balanced, the Legion soon started to gain the upper hand, causing a growingly desperate Haungse to kneel down and carve his sword on the ground, the energy emanated from his armor and weapon engulfed the cavern's walls and floor in lightning, with bursts of electricity blasting them from all directions, causing Tsukia to fall on the ground while Suke fell on his knees for the same reason, Leugim, despite his nerves being dead, thus unaffacted by the convulsing effects of lightning, also staggered from one direction to the other as he was blasted from different directions, the fainted Saulanar was also hit. With lightning crackles all over their bodies, the Legion was completely overwhelmed. Since they could barely move properly and were on the verge of defeat, Haungse began harnessing a mighty attack to decimate them once and for all, however, his previous overpowering attack woke up Saulanar, who proceeded to tap into the magic surrounding him to strengthen his own mana, casting a mighty arcane spell that altered the fabric of time and space of the Legion members, making their bodies travel back in time, returning to their previous position and state before they were blasted by Haungse, Saulanar smirked, taunting the mogu about who was the primitive arcane user.

Back to the physical and mental conditions they were before they lost their advantage, the Legion prepared themselves to resume their battle against the mogu warlord, but several lightning spheres sprouted from Haungse's body, mainly his veins, and propelled themselves against the Grey Legion and Saulanar. Suke growled and rolled away from most of the orbs hurled at him, punching the only one that would hit him back to the caster with his chi-empowered fist, while Tsukia crouched and sidestepped to avoid the orbs in her direction, slamming her katars against an orb it back at the warlord, Leugim did the same thing after warding himself against the incoming spheres with a shield of Chi while Saulanar leapt above the ones aimed at him and slammed his arcane-enhance palm against one that was going for the ceiling, also hurling it back at the mogu. Unable to disengage from his blade nor move as he channeled abusive amounts of the power contained in his armor, Haungse was blasted with his own power four times in a row, growling desperately and nearly dying from the overwhelming counterattack, he finally found strength to rise and brandished his blade.

Haungse barked complains at his enemies, his face showing pure despair for being nearly killed by a "small band of lesser creatures", and, upon staring at the face of each one of them, he instinctively looked down to his armor, shaking his head lightly as he finally realized the reason behind his men's demise, which would soon be his own. The mogu roared in anger and yelled in doubt, unable to understand what a group like them would want with the power of the "Gods", compelled by his hatred, he called them overly reckless and unworthy of his gods' creations, but his body was already too weak to hear the whispers of violence in his mind, the Legion and Saulanar watched and prepared themselves to fight as the mogu's skin and armor turned completely black and white and his body emanated heavy, ink-like smoke from his nostrils and mouth. It didn't take long for the mogu to realize that he was falling prey to the very forces his "Gods" wanted his people to fight against, which only increased his indignation, for he thought only the lesser races and the weakest mogu were to fall prey to these darkness, unwilling to allow himself to be possessed by the Sha, the mogu pierced his own skull with his sword, killing him before he lost his mind.


Haungse commits suicide to avoid Sha corruption.

As the warlord's heavy body fell over the ground, whatever Sha energies were developing in it vanished in a matter of seconds. Leugim approached the mogu's corpse and placed a hand over his helmet, feeling the same surge of power he felt when he had the core of Vadseth, the titan construct whose core became Stripribs' armor and weapon, in his hands, the corpse came to the conclusion that the titan relic did exist and was transformed into Haungse's armor, the Commander then ordered Tsukia and Suke to unclasp the mogu's armor and prepare it for transportation. Meanwhile, Saulanar left the shrine to check on his forces, opening a portal to Grey Point afterwards. Thus, the Grey Legion and the Azureseeker Expedition took the portal and returned to the Southern Barrens, where the armor was left at Leugim's hut, being protected by the risen skeleton of Kor'kron orcs. After dismissing Tsukia and Suke, Leugim began to plan on how he'd use the relic he acquired.

Summit with Scaleflayer Edit

While attending to a meeting between the Grey Legion and the newly formed Forward Line guild at Splintertree Post, Leugim spoke to Overseer Mol'Tsok Scaleflayer and exposed his intentions on making use of the orc's skills as a blacksmith, the overseer's sole reply was that they'd speak about it elsewhere, when the meeting was over, which the Commander agreed with. Once the "mingling" was done, Mol'Tsok and Leugim met on a nearby hill overlooking Splintertree, Leugim explained the whole situation, namely Daw'gar's newfound power and the corpse's plans to counter it, and reiterated his wish to use Mol'Tsok's blacksmithing, specifically to reforge the materials the Legion and its allies were acquiring into a weapon that would be the bane of Stripribs. The orc was initially outraged at the Commander's order and the two engaged in a long argument about Grand Commander Topsail, Overseer Mu and even Commander Leugim himself, but Scaleflayer ultimately agreed, he did, however, state that he wasn't going to do it without taking at least a portion of the titan relic for himself, obviously not enough to compromise the power of Leugim's future weapon. Although the Commander thought that the orc shouldn't be paid in any way to do this and should merely follow his order, the corpse decided to agree in order to prevent future clashes, the two parted ways shortly after.

On his way back to Grey Point, Leugim pondered about how Mol'Tsok seemed distrustful of him during their argument, considering it unnatural as he was Scaleflayer's Right Hand not so long ago, thus Santangelo began working on supressing this slight amount of concern in order to fully focus on his works at Southern Barrens.

The Northwestern Onslaught Edit

Three days later, Leugim received reports from Hellflank's scouts that the Kor'kron had advanced and dominated the road that leads to Honor's Stand and the ramp that leads to the road of Hunter's Hill in order to pave the way for a connection with Stonetalon Mountains and their forces at Northern Barrens. Leugim rapidly picked up his communicator to call the Legion, but hesitated, after soothing Mrog's overeagerness for orcish slaughter to tolerable levels, Leugim and the quilboar met with Saulanar and Nimbus to discuss about the best way to repel the loyalists from it. Nimbus said he could send couriers to Honor's Stand if Leugim provided a single wyvern of Grey Point to be used by such courier in order to fly past the Kor'kron occupying forces, Mrog said that the "midget" would have to fly high, for they had brought spell casters with them, Clash said it wouldn't be a problem and proceeded with his explanation, saying that the courier would be the coalition's messenger to the human forces there, with which they'd organize a combined advance against the orcs. Saulanar expressed his approval on Nimbus' plan and stated that he would like to try to do the same and call the tauren of Hunter's Hill for aid. Both ideas pleased the Legion Commander, who promptly had one of his skeleton minions bring forth two wyverns, recently fed with the flesh of the loyalists' carcasses.

Nimbus and Saulanar thus called the members of their forces and started practicing wyvern riding, meanwhile, Leugim questioned Mrog about his silence and what he thought that could be done, Hellflank supressed his will to say he just wanted to charge and slaughter and forced himself to think, the quilboar eventually had an idea and said that was a "convenient moment to show his surprise to Leugim", the monk snarled distrustfully, but followed the quilboar leader upon being requested to do so. The two went to the Overgrowth with a few quilboar and skeletal orc guards accompanying them, where they met with a small group of Hellflank's brethren, Mrog introduced them to Leugim as allies, stating that Daw'gar's invasion to the Overgrowth had killed many, including the thornweavers that led them to battle. One of the newly introduced quilboar stepped forward and said Mrog told them of his alliance with the "outsiders" and their promise to reclaim the occupied lands in order to give them back to its native habitants, obviously the humanoid swines. Leugim chuckled darkly, "confirming" the truth of such promises and accepted their participation within the coalition, appointing Mrog as their new leader. Once the group returned to Grey Point, the Gnomeregan and Azureseeker couriers had already departed.

Mrog directed the newcomers around Grey Point and provided them with spare armor and weaponry while Leugim, Nimbus and Saulanar waited for their couriers' return, which would only happen five hours later.

Shortly after hopping down their wyverns, the couriers stated that the tauren and the humans are willing to unleash a combined assault against the Kor'kron and that they'd be waiting for when the coalition had a proper plan. The three four leaders discussed during the whole night of that day, and came to a conclusion, the Gnomeregan Blackjacks and the Azureseeker Expedition would stay at Grey Point alongside its undead protectors and defend it from possible invasions while the Grey Legion would disrupt the order of the loyalist forces with a surprise aerial assault, Mrog's quilboar and the forces of Honor's Stand and Hunter's Hill would then attack and kill the orcs and ensure they remained scattered while the Grey Legion's land forces would search for the leader of the invaders and kill him/her, the signal for the tauren and human forces to act would be the sounds of battle happening not so far from their bases, the strategy was written down by Nimbus with writing sets and sheets of paper brought by Leugim after a brief stay at Crossroads two days before the whole situation began and sent to both Alliance and Horde bases, the couriers then returned with the message of their approval of the plan.

At the dawn of the next day, Leugim picked up his communicator again and called the Legion, the call being answered by initiates Mortorus and Phaladorian, soldier Stiliyan and Legionary Sahla. After lining them up, Leugim explained the whole situation to them and proceeded to inspect the flying mounts of those who answered his call, he then chose Stiliyan's blue proto-drake mount, stating that the fellow Forsaken monk would ride his draconic beast and force the orcs to scatter with its trademark breaths, Leugim then pointed to Sahla and said that she would use her abilities with the shadow to hide the Legion in a shroud of concealment so that the rest of their forces would remain hidden while approaching the loyalists. Leugim was then questioned by initiate Mortorus about the utility of the fallen Kor'kron's bodies, which triggered the Commander's ambition. Leugim, after remarking his approval on the death knight's way of thinking, did confirm his wish to have as many enemy corpses risen as possible, followed by an order to depart directed towards the whole Legion group. The Grey Legion mounted up and Sahla, after adjusting the arrows within her quiver and her bow, hid them in the shadows, save for Stiliyan, as they passed through the Overgrowth.

Stiliyan and his proto-drake took distance from the Legion as the beast flew towards the Kor'kron's spot, it quickly aroused the orcs' attention but Leugim noticed quickly, ordering the soldier to blast them through the communicator, in little more than a minute, the loyalists found themselves being forced to run and scatter, the drake's frost breaths being unleashed too fast for either the battle-mages and primal vindicators to concentrate properly and cast a spell against it.


Battle-mages, to the left, and primal vindicators, the dark shaman to the right, composed the Kor'kron invader's anti-air units.

Leugim was surprised with the immense number of Kor'kron he found, there were around 250 loyalists occupying the area, but was unwilling to allow it prevent him from advancing, in fact, he used his wish to have that considerable number risen as mindless minions to empower his will and mitigate whatever hesitation came from the sight of so many enemies, and gave the Legion the order to attack.

Shortly after the chaos began, roars and battle cries could be heard, hordes of humans advanced from Honor's Stand, mounted on top of their horses and slashing the throats of the first thirty orcs they passed by upon arriving, then engaging the others in combat while tauren forces descended from the nearby ramp, coming from Hunter's Hill, advancing like a stampede, tackling and crushing the loyalists under their hooves in their arrival, from the nearby bushes, Mrog leapt alongside his brethren, ambushing the running loyalists, mainly beheading battle-mages trying to find a spot to hit Stiliyan's proto-drake, angry snorts came from several other bushes, more of Hellflank's quilboar showed up and regrouped around their leader and charged by his side, swarming through the loyalist ranks. Stiliyan leapt from his proto-drake's back, landing by the advancing Grey Legion while the draconic beast proceeded to blast the loyalist forces.


Quilboar, humans and tauren grudgingly work together to drive off the Kor'kron.

The Grey Legion advanced, slaughtering the few Kor'kron who stood in their way while searching for their leaders, but there were no signs of any leadership figure amid that commotion of a battlefield. Suddenly, Leugim, Stiliyan and Mortorus had their lower bodies frozen by a trio of battle-mages, however, the the three Forsaken struggling to break free ended up forcing the mages to channel a spell to strengthen the icy prisons, allowing two of them to have their faces blasted by barrages of arcane energy from Phaladorian and the last one to be have his throat cut and the back of his neck stabbed by Sahla's Chi-charged daggers, thus freeing the three undead. Blasts of lightning flew across the three Forsaken, who managed to avoid, causing the blast to eletrocute Phaladorian and Sahla, after rapidly reorganizing themselves, the Legion saw the four primal vindicators who unleashed the spells against them, Mortorus leapt and harnessed his runeblade with unholy energies, landing with a downward slash across one of the dark shaman's chest, the woman's flesh rapidly sinking as the diseases forced into her consumed her and she fell to the ground, dying a slow death. While one of them was slashed by the death knight, the other three primal vindicators attempted to blast Mortorus away with bursts of lava, but their casting was interrupted by Stiliyan and Leugim, the two monks hitting the dark shaman's faces with flying kicks, the soldier proceeding to slam his Chi-empowered fists against his target's throat and then grappled her weapon to slam it against her face, shattering her skull, while the Commander tore his target's armor open with his axes and carved his finger-claws into her wounds, unleashing Crackling Jade Lightning directly into the dark shaman's body, then disengaging from the convulsing primal vindicator and kicking her stomach frontally, causing the woman to fall helpless over the ground, then slowly soothing as she died.

Leugim then ordered the Legion to call for their flying mounts and scatter across the chaotic battlefield and seek signs of any possible leading figure while the Commander searched on foot. Minutes later, the Commander was tackled from behind as he searched across the corpse littered raptor nest near the battle and, in the blink of an eye, he found himself forced against the ground with a heavy foot on his spine and a sharp sword next to his right eye socket. The corpse's angry roars and call for aid could be heard across the communicator, the orc above him attempted to silence the Commander by stabbing the back of his head, in hopes that his sword would ravage Leugim's dead brain, but as he prepared to do so, the Legion arrived, with Phaladorian blasting the orc away from Leugim with a blast of arcane and Sahla leaping ahead of the Commander to carve her daggers in the orc's throat, however, the mysterious ambusher vanished as soon as the daggers connected.

As Sahla and the other Legion members concluded that the vanishing orc was a mirror image while Leugim rose back to his feet, the true orc leapt from a nearby tree and landed in front of them. Leugim was briefly surprised by the sight, and couldn't exactly believe what he saw in front of him, the orc's garments, weapon and ability to summon mirror images matched exactly the descriptions of the legendary blademasters Arnosh told him about. The orc, hearing Leugim's mumbling and expression, simply nodded and confirmed the notion, introducing himself as Blademaster Fujioka.


Blademaster Fujioka.

The Legion prepared themselves to fight, but the blademaster didn't seem so, despite Sahla's attempts to hit him on Leugim's orders, the orc merely avoided the offensives and offered small advices about controlling impulsive natures in a surprisingly non-taunting tone. Fujioka claimed that he had been observing the Grey Legion during one of his lone walks across Grizzly Hills during their deployments, their unfamiliar faces attracting his curiosity, he said he would follow its members in order to learn more about them whenever they left Conquest Hold, and he deemed them worthy for a purpose after witnessing the huge battle that took place at Apothecary Camp, Howling Fjord. The blademaster said he chose to serve the remains of the Horde Expedition at Northrend as a way to isolate himself from something that disturbed him too much when being too close to it: Garrosh Hellscream. Fujioka then stated that,although he enjoyed the shedding and massacre of Alliance forces, Garrosh's treatment towards the other races of the Horde had cost, and was still costing, many orcish lives. Mortorus was tired of the blademaster's talk, the death knight barking threats at the old orc before being ordered to stay quiet by Leugim, Sahla then questioned what was his purpose there and if which side Fujioka truly was. The old orc grinned, saying that he allowed himself to be found by the Kor'kron at Grizzly Hills and join the cause of Garrosh's True Horde for a single purpose: to prevent breaking his blood oath while growing in the ranks of the loyalists to finally be trusted with his own forces and clash them against the rebels both to keep his blood oath as an instrument of the Warchief's will but also to test the strength of the rebelling forces and cull them from the weak. When Fujioka learned that the Grey Legion was leading the defense of the Southern Barrens, he immediately offered himself to join Balrocia's forces, the memories of the Legion's operations across Grizzly Hills and their battle against Stoneslide had him choose the former military force as his first target.

Sahla questioned the orc's honor for the fact that he willingly served a Warchief whom he didn't approve of, the answer was a mere sigh after shaking his head, Fujioka stated that non-orcs will never understand the importance of a blood oath, and explained that the Horde's blood oath had him swear to become a weapon of his Warchief's command an instrument of his desire, independent of who such leader was. Leugim briefly lowered his head, slightly abated at the Legion's reaction, calling the old orc a coward and other names, the corpse's acquaintanceship with Arnosh and Mol'Tsok Scaleflayer allowed him to understand, at least partially, the power of a blood oath, the corpse shook his head to wash off the thoughts and brandished his axes as he looked at the raging battle around them all, giving the Legion the order to "slaughter". Fujioka then rapidly brandished his blade, stating that he was honored in fighting them.

Sahla was the first to advance, the rogue stepping through the shadows and attempting to stab the orc's ribs from behind only to be forced away from him to avoid Fujioka's backhanding with the hilt of his sword as he turned around, his senses extremely sharp of his age. Stiliyan seized Fujioka's distraction with Sahla and attempted to land a flying kick against the old orc's spine, but Fujioka rapidly turned around and avoided the blow, rising his blade and severing Stiliyan's leg with a rapid slice against the exposed leg bone, Stiliyan fell on the ground and rapidly rolled in his severed leg's direction, and started working on reattaching the bone by mending the shattered portions together with Chi, Mortorus roared furiously and charged into the fray, followed by Phaladorian, the death knight empowered the unholy runes in his blade to land a plagued slash across the blademaster's chest, but Fujioka sidestepped and stomped the death knight's hand, the impact making him lose the grip over his runeblade, the blademaster then grabbed Mortorus by the neck and hurled him away from his weapon. While Mortorus entered the fray, Phaladorian spent his time channeling enough arcane energy to fire a considerably sized blast of arcane against the blademaster, but the blademaster appeared in front of the mage in the blink of an eye shortly after he casted his spell, as if he had teleported himself and phased through the orb-shaped spell, however, the truth was revealed when the orb, now behind in a considerable distance from the blademaster, suddenly divided itself into two halves and exploded, arcane dust could be seen glittering across the blademaster's sword, a sight which shocked Phaladorian and left him open to a brutal slash across the stomach, the purple dust in Fujioka's blade acquiring a red glow as it was bathed in the elf's blood alongside the sword itself, Phaladorian yelled in pain and prepared himself to move away but Fujioka was preparing another blow, which was interrupted by Leugim's plated boot crashing against the orc's shoulder in a flying kick similar to Stiliyan's, this time, however, Fujioka was struck, snarling in anger for letting such a small bloodshed distract him as he staggered from the impact and attempted to slash across Leugim's upper body, but the corpse parried the blow with an upward strike of his twin axes. Fujioka growled furiously and suddenly vanished, appearing behind Leugim and slashing across his back, the sharp blade piercing through the corpse's leather armor, flesh, muscle, finally reaching his spine, however, the cobalt reinforcement of Leugim's spinal bone blocked the blade, the corpse looking over his shoulder and readying himself to counterattack, but Fujioka was no longer behind him, in a matter of seconds, he was behind Stiliyan, attempting to cleave the monk's arm bones off, but the soldier managed to roll away and resume mending his leg, Fujioka vanished again, appearing behind Sahla and attempt to cut her with a downward strike, the pandaren rapidly turning around and parrying the blow with her sharp dagger, Fujioka vanishing shortly after both blades connected, Mortorus, who was running in his weapon's direction, saw Fujioka appear in front of him, then disappear, the death knight turned around and saw nothing, Fujioka appeared on his former position, which was now behind the undead, and kicked him away from the sword, the blademaster then looked over his shoulder and saw Phaladorian encased in an ice shield, the blademaster merely grunted as he sprinted in the elf's direction, breaking the shield with three rapid strikes and readying himself to stab the blood elf in his wound, but the mage managed to teleport himself away from harm.

Fujioka grunted and rapidly turned around with a slash, sensing Sahla's approaching, his katana and her daggers parrying each other in a fast sequence of strikes while Stiliyan reattached his leg and Mortorus ran in his runeblade's direction as Phaladorian prepared another spell and Leugim harnessed Chi. Phaladorian's hands crackled with a purple lightning-like aura of arcane power, the mage using it to conjure three mirror images, the quartet unleashing a barrage of missile-like arcane spells at the blademaster, who answered with a dire grin, he knew that two could play this game, thus Fujioka summoned his own trio of mirror images and disengaged from Sahla, the orcish quartet advanced against the elven one in impressive speed, avoiding each of the blasts directed at them, Phaladorian's mirror images were destroyed one by one by Fujioka's images, the real orc and elf clashing after Fujioka slashed the mage across his chest, proceeding to crush the elf under a flurry of sword strikes, culminating with a frontal kick right in the elf's stomach's wound, it all took a matter of seconds, the mage falling motionless over the ground. Presuming the mage dead for the amount of blood that was shed, Fujioka turned around with his blade raised to face level, blocking a failed backstab attempt by Sahla, the pandaren and the orc resumed their duel shortly after. During their brief duel, Sahla attempted to land a kneeblow to the old orc's stomach, but Fujioka blocked her attack with his own knee before leaping and landing behind her, carving his katana into her back, Sahla's eyes widened as she ducked herself forward to prevent the blade from getting deeper and the ensuing wound to become far too lethal, the rogue falling on her knees shortly after with the blade still stuck in her back, however, the blademaster was forced to disengage from it as Mortorus, empowered by his runeblade after the sword tapped and corrupted the blood of the fallen combatants near it, came for the elder orc, slashing him across the right side of his chest and his right arm, the orc roaring in pain and agony as the diseases of the strike seeped into his body, yet it would take more than plague to bring Fujioka down, the blademaster grabbing the death knight by the head and slamming it against his knee while Sahla took distance worked on removing the blade from her back. Fujioka was also forced to let the death knight go by kicking him away as Stiliyan, now recovered, landed a Chi-charged fist against the old orc's chin, who would have swiftly answered with a backhand if the monk hadn't kicked him in the chest, the blademaster attempted to get his sword back, but Sahla took further distance, before Stiliyan could attack again, the disarmed blademaster tackled the undead and grabbed him by the left leg bone to slam him against the ground, Leugim's axes then brutally landed over the orc's shoulders, the elder roaring with the fury of the youngest and most primal worgs as he tackled the corpse with his back, the unexpected reaction causing Leugim to stagger and remove his axes from the orc's shoulders to avoid losing grip over them. Fujioka growled furiously as he ran towards Sahla and finally removed his katana from her back, leaping in Leugim's direction with what seemed to be an attempt of a downward strike against the Commander, who promptly answered by hurling his axe at the orc, but Fujioka vanished before the weapon would hit him, the blademaster appearing behind Leugim and attempting to slash the corpse across his waist, Leugim luckily managed to avoid having his body cut in a half as he leapt to grab his axe shortly after the orc disappeared, the corpse grabbing it mid-air and landing on his knees.

When Leugim looked over his shoulder, the blademaster started spinning around with his sword in hands as Mortorus and Stiliyan rose to charge at him and Sahla attempted to rise, the corpse's eyes widened, the blademaster was about to unleash his trademark Bladestorm. The corpse shook his head and ran in the orc's direction, the spinning orc rapidly advancing against the incoming Legion, while Mortorus and Stiliyan stopped and stepped away as soon as the orc's speed increased, Leugim started spinning his own weapons around violently, his twin axes and the orc's katana parrying each other's bladestorms, however, the balance between the two attacks' duel was soon shattered not only by Fujioka's experience, but because his mirror images, seizing the Legion's focus on attacking solely the original one, leapt amid the Legion and started their own bladestorms. Blood, fur, hair, chunks of dead flesh and bones flew all around as the orcish "quartet" spinned around the group, the mirror images slashing Leugim from behind caused him to lose his "duel" against Fujioka, the Commander being sliced from all sides, half of his right arm bone being completely destroyed as he fell to his knees after Fujioka and his image joined the other images in ravaging Stiliyan, heavily damaging his body and his leather armor, the monk fell over the ground as his limbs were damaged nearly beyond repair as the quartet proceeded to finish Mortorus and Sahla, the death knight used his necromantic powers to envelop himself with the bones of the nearby fallen orcs, humans, tauren and quilboar, the bones were destroyed but the death knight was left intact as the "four" orcs moved on to Sahla, who suffered with heavy slashed across her chest, waist, leg, shoulders, only managing to avoid lethal blows against her neck or head before she succumbed to the pain and fell unconsciously over the ground, the mirror images vanishing shortly after.

Unwilling to let the blademaster finish his work and allow the tauren-human-quilboar ongoing efforts to be in vain, Mortorus and Leugim stood defiantly against the old orc after the death knight mended the corpse's wounds to stable proportions with a coil of shadow energies, the duo standing between the orc and the rest of the fallen Legion members. The blademaster grinned maniacally at the two undead and prepared to charge against the two, but something was holding him, skeletal arms were rising from the ground, some holding his legs while others slashed them with their sharp bone claws, the shadows unleashed by them strengthening the diseases that slowly weakened his body. With the diseases reaching Fujioka's brain, his senses became slightly dull, as the blademaster looked ahead of him, he saw a charging Mortorus, the death knight's free hand had a black-purple glow, the orc snarled as he found out the source of the dark things that snared him and attempted to disengage, but his weakened state allowed the the death knight an open spot for a runeblade slice and a howling blast of plagued ice to the chest, the blademaster stood his ground and, while violently shaking his head, forced his left foot forward until the skeletal arms were shattered by his strength and attempted to land a precise slash at the death knight's wrist in an attempt to sever the hand holding the runeblade, but Mortorus managed to block the blow with his own sword while Leugim attempted to bring the orc down with a leg sweep, the blademaster dodging by merely jumping over the Commander and attempting to carve his blade into the corpse's skull, but Leugim rapidly rose while turning around, slapping the orc's blade away with an axe strike. Taking advantage of the two Forsaken's proximity, the orc attempted to sever their legs with a cleaving strike, however, although the two corpses didn't step back in time to avoid the whole blow, the blade only managed to remove a small chunk of flesh from both of Leugim's knees while opening small, but deep, cuts in the center of Mortorus's leg bones. Mortorus then attempted to counter by unleashing a skull-shaped green-black blast of shadow energy against the orc, but the blademaster stepped to the side, panting heavily as his state worsened due to his wounds and diseases, Fujioka howled as he forced himself to leap and land heavily on his knees after a failed attempt to slice the Mortorus from his face all the way to his lower body, for the death knight jumped backwards. Leugim seized the opportunity and kicked the orc in the left side of his face, bringing Fujioka to the ground, the Commander stomped the orc's wrist and forced his katana out of his hand. Wielding the blademaster's weapon, Leugim unleashed a series of strikes across the orc's chest in the same fashion as he did with Phaladorian, finally, the Commander used his other foot to stomp the orc's stomach to completely pin him to the ground while using his free hand to pull Fujioka by his beads, forcing the old orc's upper body upwards. Leugim then prepared to carve the orc's weapon into his skull, but the blademaster slammed his free fist against the Commander's face, the sheer impact forcing Leugim backwards and making him lose grip over the orc's beads, the blademaster thus disengaged from Leugim and attempted to take his sword back, but the corpse leapt away. Once he landed, the corpse began directing all the Chi he had harnessed before to his fists as he looked at his fallen underlings, Leugim thus ordered Mortorus to hold Fujioka for as along as he could, the corpse tapping even more into his Chi, the effort to harness so much energy slowly draining Leugim's mind close to exhaustion. Meanwhile, the death knight kept using his shadow magic to pull the blademaster whenever he tried to reach Leugim, the two briefly engaging in small skirmishes where Fujioka would avoid the runeblade strikes and Mortorus would dodge the orc's punches, kickes and grab attempts before he resumed his tries to reach the Commander.

After three minutes of struggle between the blademaster and the death knight, Leugim reached his limit before he'd succumb to mental tireness and unleashed all the Chi he had harnessed as healing energy towards his fallen underlings, revitalizing Sahla, Stiliyan and Phaladorian enough to save them from the lethal state they found themselves into, the three Legion members rose with difficulty, but as they judged the blademaster's current condition, their numbers provided them a fighting chance. As swiftly as a rogue in her condition could go and now sure that Fujioka wouldn't be leaping and disappearing constantly, Sahla reached for her bow, firing a precise arrow at the blademaster, the orc, who was still struggling to reach Leugim, his obsession to recover his weapon being one of the few things he could think of due to his wounds and the progressive advance of the diseases inflicted into him, merely looked to his left once he heard the noise of Leugim's massive healing spell, what remained of his sharp senses granting him a detailed sight of Sahla's arrow reaching his chest and piercing his heart, the blademaster fell over the ground in a pool of his own blood, much like the Legion members he defeated before, but different from them, his body was being devoured by the death knight's plague and his heart damaged by Sahla's arrow, but surprisingly, the orc smiled weakly during his last moments, the feeling that he was free of his mad Warchief being comfortable enough to make all that final agony worthwhile as he found peace in death, mainly after fighting and struggling so hard to survive.

Meanwhile, the forces of Hunter's Hill, Honor's Stand and Hellflank's quilboar chased down what surviving Kor'kron remained and cornered them, the only way out for them was jump to their deaths into the Great Divide, but the loyalists refused to do so and stood their grounds, fighting until their last breath while roaring victory chants about the True Horde only to be brutally massacred by the three forces. With the loyalists out of the way, the humans and the tauren proceeded to gather their dead and then retreated back to their bases while Mrog and his quilboar ran their way back to Grey Point.

Leugim was having difficulties to rise from his kneeling stance, he was increadibly dazed by the concentration of excessive Chi, but his mind was partially restored as Mortorus healed Leugim further by channeling necromantic energies into the Commander. Santangelo thus rose and ordered Stiliyan to bring both Sahla and Phaladorian to the Crossroads on the back of his proto-drake for healing after a hasty annoucement of the promotions of initiates Mortorus and Phaladorian to soldiers. As Stiliyan left with them, Leugim ordered Mortorus to raise all the dead loyalists and whatever humans the Alliance left behind and bring them to Grey Point before departing to the base.

The Commander and the death knight met at Grey Point not so long after these events. Mortorus arrived with all the 250 risen corpses of Kor'kron plus 70 risen humans as armored skeletons, the numbers impressed not only Leugim, but Nimbus and Saulanar as well, they basically had a small army of 320 skeletons plus the ones they already had before that operation. After ordering his minions to bow to Leugim's will and accept him as their master, the now soldier Mortorus saluted his commander and was dismissed after the two shared a small talk about the potential behind the new death knight's powers. The gnome and the blood elf were both shocked at the sight, but hopeful that this will bring a faster end to this conflict so that they may stay away from what they considered to be Leugim's insanity.

After taking his undead forces to training around Grey Point and directing them across their guard posts, Leugim glanced at his left hand, finally noticing he was still holding Fujioka's katana. Leugim retired to the hut where the leading figures of the coalition stood and sat near the wall to his right, staring down at the weapon while remembering each moment of the recent battle, this was the first time he saw a blademaster in action and it nearly caused his demise, the corpse also recalled the damage such a sharp blade is capable of dealing, he then stared at Haungse's armor, which was laying not so far from him, he stared as the armor still had a strong aura coming from the titan relic used to forge it, the corpse then looked back at the katana and nodded, the blade would be the basis for his new weapon, he would have Scaleflayer reforge the mighty sword and infuse it with the materials and powers of the titan relic, believing it to be the perfect weapon that would be Stripribs' bane.

Leugim saw a disarmed skeleton soldier whose vestments resembled Fujioka's pass by his tent, the corpse's eyes widened slightly, Mortorus had risen the blademaster. Santangelo sighed and slowly rose, walking off his tent and ordering the skeleton to face him. The mindless carcass of blademaster Fujioka turned to Leugim and seemed to be staring him with its empty eye sockets, the Commander slicing the skeleton's head off with its former sword and crushing the creature's skull under his plated boot. The gesture aroused Nimbus' attention, who approached the corpse and questioned him about the destruction of his own minions, Leugim spoke of who the orc was in life based on what was told to him back in the battle, the corpse then said, with a very stoic expression but a slightly saddened tone, that he was willing to give Fujioka a truly peaceful death after remarking the orc's loyalty to his blood oath and the blademaster's mention being honored to fight the Grey Legion. After a long sigh, the Commander turned around and returned to his tent, where he left Fujioka's katana over Haungse's armor and ordered some of his skeletons to watch over the artifacts.

Nimbus tilted his head in confusion as the corpse left and worked with his minions, but a spark of relief sprouted in his mind upon noticing that Leugim wasn't, in the gnome's eyes, completely insane and power hungry as he had thought Santangelo was, after nodding in approval of the corpse's attitude, the gnome resumed his duties with the Gnomeregan Blackjacks.

Now with a considerably sized force, the coalition prepared themselves to march to Vendetta Point, all that was left was having Leugim's weapon forged.

Darkflayer, Slaughterblade of the Grey Legion Edit

With the reagents assembled, Leugim called Overseer Mol'Tsok Scaleflayer again for him to forge the weapon and ordered three of his skeletal minions to move Haungse's armor and Fujioka's sword to another hut with more space for the orc to work on. When Scaleflayer arrived, he was granted an anvil by one of the skeletal trio, the overseer then demanded a heat source, it was when Leugim called Saulanar Azureseeker to aid them.

Before the blood elf could say or do anything, Mol'Tsok demanded to know of his identity, and Saulanar, although annoyed by Scaleflayer's aggressive speeches, calmly answered the orc and explained his guild's stance with the Grey Legion to avoid a problem between the two groups, Mol'Tsok grundingly nodding at Azureseeker. Saulanar then used his arcane magic to enchant the fires of the torches near the hut, pulling them together and fusing them with conjuration magic, creating a fire familiar.

After Azureseeker left, Mol'Tsok wished to keep distance from the undead orcs called by Leugim, the Commander ordering most of them to spread just avoid an argument with the officer and get his weapon. As one of the skeletons left, however, he was hit in the face by Scaleflayer's cloak as he unclasped it, the undead stood there with the cloak over its skull, acting like a handler of sorts.

Using the fires provided by the familiar and the anvil given by the skeleton, Scaleflayer started working. Over the course of the reforging process, Mol'Tsok put the relic between the anvil's surface and the now opened katana, using the titan artifact as an extra anvil of sorts as he carefully hammered the blade into the relic. The blood stains over the blade mostly evaporated due to the heat, but what remained of the liquid blood was pulled by the magnetic field created by the relic's core when the sword and it merged, the field pulled the blood by its iron, the liquid eventually spreading across the hilt and the handle, remodeled to fit Leugim's hand, the now light purple-red liquid solidfying slightly as the powers of the relic deformed its properties, giving it a flesh-like appearence though making it as rigid as metal, thus acting like extra reinforcing and a painting of sorts. Scaleflayer also remodeled the slightly curved blade of the katana to a more straight shape, giving it a standard sword look.


Darkflayer, Slaughterblade of the Grey Legion.

Soon after the sword was complete, an ethereal blade sprouted from sword's handle and covered the original blade, though it was transparent enough for one to be able to see the true blade clearly, the powers of the titan relic rapidly acting in its new vessel. Surprisingly, the whole reforging process only took 1/5th of the relic, as the blade wasn't big enough to house more materials, thus Mol'Tsok said he'd be using the remains of the relic for his own purposes, a secret Leugim accepted to keep between them. The overseer then openly said he was expecting Leugim and his undead minions to attack him now that he had done his job and was no longer useful, which surprised the Commander, as it wasn't the first time the orc had spoken to him with such distrust, but Leugim managed to convince Mol'Tsok that it wasn't the case, or so he thought.

As Leugim approached and asked for the sword, Scaleflayer merely let it go, the corpse grabbing it by the hilt. As soon as Leugim touched, the corpse tapped in its power by channeling his Chi through it, the forces within it connected with his Chi and briefly spread throughout his body, potencializing his Chi to the point that a thick flaming Chi aura enveloped his legs and hands while his body and gear acquired a greenish-appearance, the corpse kept snarling as the overwhelming power flowed within him, his voice twisted and more echoing-like due to its effects, after twenty seconds, the overload settled, and Leugim's strength reverted back to normal, the power of the sword had attuned to his own and both stabilized, granted it weakened the weapon as it deprived it from its full power, but allowing Leugim to make use of it without deadly consequences. Leugim brought the blade to face level and stared it briefly, a look of surprise in his rotten face.

After remarking Leugim was wielding it "correctly", the Overseer and the Commander parted ways. Leugim stared down at his weapon, still feeling its power flowing through him, the corpse nodded and sheathed it, he had everything he needed to finally liberate Vendetta Point, the manpower, and the weapon to counter Daw'gar's newfound gear: Darkflayer, Slaughterblade of the Grey Legion. All that remained was calling his Legion underlings, but the corpse decided to wait for the forces of Nimbus, Saulanar and Mrog organize themselves for the battle to come.

Final Stage: Battle for Vendetta Edit

After three days of preparation, the allies of the Grey Legion were finally ready. Leugim, slowly brought his communicator to face level, hesitating slightly to call for his forces, everything he had done and achieved was going to be put to the test on that day, the corpse snarled lowly, genuine nervousness within his carcass. Santangelo stared Saulanar, Nimbus and Mrog as they approached him and warned their forces were positioned, Leugim looked over his shoulder and saw the gnomish death knights lined up in front of the quilboar, who in turn were lined up in front of the blood elves, Leugim's horde of skeletons, mostly orcish but with a considerable number of human ones, then started assemble behind them and make several lines as they organized themselves. The sight of the army the Legion Commander had assembled widened his eyes as finally realized its size, he knew size wouldn't make much difference, he learned that lesson with the trio, but the corpse also recalled the battles for the Fields of Blood and the recent skirmish at the northwest, he knew they were capable, that they had the strength to win this conflict once and for all.

Leugim slid his left index claw over the communicator and pressed its green button, calling the Legion for the final battle. Not so long after, the corpse was staring at those who answered his call: Legionary Elite Suhako Blackpaw, Legionary Elite Bopalan Firetorque, Legionnaires Gronak, Isaliah and Nethaniyel, Soldier Maru Earthchild and Initiate Kutansi. The corpse stared each one of them, and noticed how emblematic this battle was going to be: save for Kutansi, his forces were entirely compromised of Darkfist Spinereavers, his own squad within the Grey Legion, and The Flayers, the squad he served when he joined the Grey Legion and eventually came to ascend to its second-in-command, he would lead them both in that important battle. All those thoughts came to Leugim's mind in a matter of seconds, which made his brief pondering barely noticeable by those around him.

Santangelo placed his hands behind his back and, alongside Saulanar, Nimbus and, surprisingly, even Mrog Hellflank, gave an inspiring speech to those in front of them, who promptly answered with their own battle cries, even the animated skeletons were somehow moved by the raw determination of their leader and became even more stimulated for bloodshed. Finally, the order to attack was given.

Nimbus, Saulanar and Mrog charged ahead, followed by the Grey Legion's skeletons, upon hearing the huge noises nearby, a swarm of Kor'kron forces left Vendetta Point to do battle with the four forces in the outside. Once the conflict was well established, Leugim brandished the Darkflayer and ran in the battle's direction, roaring at the Legion after ordering them to follow him to battle. After another wave of battle cries, the seven members accompanied their Commander in entering the fray.

The Grey Legion's first battle would be at the Gnomeregan Blackjacks' front, aiding Nimbus in repelling the overwhelming wave of Kor'kron elite warriors that surrounded him. Gronak leapt and landed with his axe striking down at one of the loyalists, slicing the enemy in his chest as Isaliah finished off the same target with a blast of chi at his wound, Maru managed to commune with the tortured elements and basked in their desire for revenge, her fists turning into solid stone as she charged at one of the Kor'kron and brutalized him with a wave of solid punches across his face, Suhako appeared behind the same loyalist and backstabbed the orc to finish the job, Bopalan rested the end of her key-shaped staff over the floor and, as her hands grew purple with the surge of arcane energy, she fired a blast one of the incoming loyalists, causing him to stagger before he could properly join the battle, Nethaniyel then fired a bolt of chaotic energy at said orc, hitting him in the face and destroying his very skull as it bursted in a matter of seconds, Leugim then charged his feet with Chi and sprinted amid the orcs, using his sword to cripple them by slicing their backs, ribcages and legs before returning to his initial position. Kutansi charged and beheaded one of the loyalists with a horizontal smash of one of his twin two-handed maces while Nimbus jumped and landed over his target's chest, his sword sinking into the loyalist's very heart, as the orc fell motionless on the ground, the gnome removed his sword from the corpse and jumped away, landing by Gronak. Now relieved, Guild Master Nimbus thanked the Legion for their aid and moved deeper into the swarm of battlers to help his own forces.

After Nimbus's departure, the Legion Commander ordered his forces to follow him to the Azureseeker Expedition's front, the blood elves had managed to make a considerable progress and were halfway of reaching Vendetta Point itself, but the Kor'kron's Dark Shaman managed to separate Saulanar from the rest of them. Gronak obeyed Leugim's order to attack almost instantly, leaping wildly and landing with a cleaving strike that removed the upper section of the Dark Shaman's chests from the rest of their bodies, Isaliah ran into the skirmish and unleashed a nova of Chi to knockback the Dark Shaman and heal Saulanar. Maru used her stone fists to punch the ground, the spirits of the earth being forcefully snapped out of their painful trance caused by the evil shaman, once awakaned, earthly spires erected from the ground, impaling the Dark Shaman before they could even land. A trio of Dark Shaman almost instantly charged at the group and joined the battle, Saulanar rapidly repelling them with a triple blast of arcane energy from his free hand, the blood elf then held his sharp sword with both hands and leapt, slicing swiftly across one of the repelled shaman's head, beheading him. As the two other shaman fell on their backs, Suhako went to the shadows as the Legion prepared to attack them, as the shaman began to rose, Suhako appeared behind one of them and carved her two blades into his skull while Bopalan froze the remaining dark shaman in an ice block while Nethaniyel finished the job by pulverizing both the ice and the orc's chest with a blast of felfire and chaotic energy. Leugim spotted four more shaman coming in their direction, the corpse leapt as high as he could, landing over one of their backs with a downward spinning strike at the back of his neck, the corpse using the beheaded loyalist's falling body as platform to jump over to another shaman and bring him down with a Flying Serpent Kick of his plated boot against the orc's face, causing him to fall and even roll to his left, Kutansi then threw one of his maces at the skull of that same falling shaman, but the jungle troll berseker wasn't done, proceeding to leap and slam his other mace directly at the surface of the remaining dark shaman's head, shattering his skull instantly. As Kutansi ran to his other weapon and picked it up, Saulanar thanked the Legion for their aid and proceeded to aid his own forces.

Mrog's angry snorts and roars could be heard in the distance, upon spotting them, Leugim and the Grey Legion rapidly advanced to his front, they were surprised that the quilboar and his forces had managed to get so close to Vendetta Point, the swarm of corrupted fire elementals being the only obstacle in their way, and a difficult one.


Trivia Edit

  • Upon summing up the duration of all roleplay events, the result equals around 31 hours.
  • Gronak, Mol'Tsok Scaleflayer and Suhako Blackpaw were the only Grey Legion characters to appear more than once in the plot.
  • Nehu and Saleril left the Grey Legion not so long after their contribution to the guild's cause at the Southern Barrens. Shardelise left the Grey Legion a few days after the end of the conflict.
  • She'fei died some weeks after aiding the Grey Legion in expelling the Kor'kron from the Ruins of Taurajo.

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